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Corkscrew Vine
Corkscrew Vine

Sorry again for lack of updates. Nothing has been going on much. I have started school to get my Landscape and Horticulture Associates degree! Also I'll be starting a new job as a live plant merchandiser.
Many of my plants have been growing well and few passed away because of some frost. The temperature here in South Texas has been fluctuating. Yesterday it was 72 degrees F and the day before it was 36 degrees F. I have seeds to plant but have been reluctant because of the temperature swings. There is no room for me to plant them indoors and give them good light. The seedlings I planted a while back have become rather spindly because of not enough sun. The days it is sunny it gets a bit windy outside. There have been many days since December that I have knocked over my indoor seedling. Lots of vacuuming of dirt has happened.

The real growers have been the corkscrew vine, dianthus pinocchio, armeria joystick mix, columbine blue star, and campanula dark blue clips. All of these have grown like crazy over the last month.

campanula, columbine, amrmeria, dianthus
These are the Dianthus, Armeria, Columbine, and Campanula.

The hibiscus was ripped out along with most the candytuft that had already seeded. The candytuft was taken out because that is were my dusty miller and phlox of sheep will be planted. Hyacinths bulbs where put in the hibiscus's pot and have their heads peaking out. For now some muscari are planted and growing where the candytuft are. I put some muscari with the daylilies and some in their own glass bowl for the inside.

Muscari in bowl to decorate the inside of my apartment

A hyacinth peaking out

Muscari and unknown
Muscari growing and an unknown flowering plant. The flowering plant could be candytuft, godetia, or sweet william.

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kate said...

Does the Corkscrew Vine have flowers at any point during the year?

I like the photograph of the Hyacinth poking out of the ground.

Vanillalotus said...

Yes they are supposed to flower during the summer and fall. They get these lovely curly flowers in purple,cream,white color and they are supposed to smell wonderful. These have not flowered yet. I grew them from seeds a few months ago. I'm not sure if these will flower since they are a tropical plant zone 9b-10 and I'm zone 8b. I just hope for the best.