Open Days San Antonio: The Fox Garden cont.-Orchid Greenhouse

Like I mentioned in the last post, here is the rest of the Fox Garden from the Open Days Tour on Saturday 18th. This blew me away and has been in my head since then. The Fox Garden had a great greenhouse filled with beautiful orchids. I never expected what It would look like inside.

fox garden

There was a nice sign in front of the greenhouse saying "Welcome to Davids Greenhouse"

Remember to click on photos for larger size.

fox garden

Here are all the orchids in the greenhouse. Isn't this just a site to see! Look at all those roots hanging down. There were a few orchids that were blooming. Of course I had to take photos of all them. Along with these orchids were two hanging outside one of those was blooming. Enjoy the photos. This is the end of the Fox Garden.

fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
fox garden
All the blooming orchids in the greenhouse

fox garden
The blooming orchid outside


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Very pretty.

Carla said...

WOW! How breathtaking! Someday, in my dreamworld, I will have a large greenhouse full of tropicals and veg starts, and a chair to sit in and just be in awe!! Thanks for sharing the Fox Garden.

Cindy said...

Orchids never cease to amaze me on how many varieties they come in and how intricate their patterns are. You've really captured that beautifully!


Lucy Corrander said...

Sometimes, I've been disappointed with orchids. The very word makes them sound exotic and sometimes they don't seem to live up to their names. But these are lovely.

Have just seen that you won the Blotanical Haiku competition.



Wicked Gardener said...

Hello! I've put an update on my site on the the yucca seeds, if you are interested.

Darla said...

Wonderful tour. Orchids ar exotic looking to me. Just beautiful.

Jean said...

Ooh, la, la! What I wouldn't give for a greenhouse filled with orchids! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Joe said...

Nice Orchids

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi VL,

I do hope everything is all right with you. Congratulations on the Orchid photos. Wow!

Take care.


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