Wordless Wednesday: Violas



Carla said...

Viola's remind me of my mother-in-law. So pretty! AND I LOVE PURPLE!!!! Perfect post for the 1st day of Oct!

mimi11460 said...

So beautiful love it..Wish you can visit mine too..thanks..

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanillalotus,
Your T-shirt design drawings are wonderful, You have a very nice talent.
I came across your blog when I was searching for hyacinth bean. Do you grow that in your garden, could you please post a picture of it. I have three vines growing, but no flowers, beans yet. I live in zone 6b, I don't know whether it will produce any before the winter. Do you know, you can cook the young hyacinth beans. I am actually from India, we cook many dishes with this bean back home.

viagra online said...

Those Viola's images reminded me my mother loves flowers specially when they are beautiful like these ones.