T Shirt Designs

At school we have a Horticulture Club. They want T-Shirts and of course asked if anyone had artistic talent. I really did not want to volunteer since I have too many things on my plate at the moment, but no one raised their hand and I thought, well one more thing couldn't hurt. I raised my hand to do the T-Shirt design and everyone got a surprised look on their face and some asked... are you sure you can draw. People tend to under estimate what I can do, but that is okay.

Anyways, no one had any design ideas and the group is mostly male. Being a female it's hard to think of what the male Horticulture lovers would want on a shirt. They suggested a tree and that is what they did last year, but I really wanted something better and not so cliche. I drew out some flowers and a tree, all things that grow well in our area. Here they are:

crape myrtle
Crape Myrtle

I showed these 3 to some group members both girls and guys. The girls loved the Esperanza and the guys didn't like any of them and wanted a more strong and manly tree. I think they are being selfish, really. I made the crape myrtle thinking it would please both sides. It's got flowers and is feminine but it's a tree and doesn't scream too feminine. After getting input from the males I went home and chose a more manly tree. Really I think it would be better for the males to have their manly tree and the females to have their esperanza. The tree is just so cliche and I like flowers I'm sorry. When I think of tree I think of arboriculture and not Horticulture as a whole.

big tree
Manly Tree (Live Oak wannabe)

Hopefully now the tree will appease the males. I'll have to wait until the beginning of October to get a group vote and see what everyone has to say. It's hard to do this Horticulture Club because everyone is so used to the way that it has always been run. The previous semesters there were leaders that did not participate and then leaders that are so lax that hardly anything happens. I have a genuine want for the club to be fun and useful for everyone. This semester I want it to continue for the entire semester and to do fun things besides a plant sale. I'd like to meet 2 times a month instead of once a month. Meeting once a month would only be a total of 4 meetings for that semester. We have already had one to just get organized a bit and then the next would be getting together the plant sale. I really wanted to meet every week so there could be more activities and fun things to do and give everyone a good chance to attend some of the meetings. No one really liked that idea but agreed to 2 a month.

I'm Vice President but I might as well be the President as the one that was elected is scattered, unorganized, and not much initiative. The members of the club can't agree on anything but don't have a real want to do much of anything that is suggested but anyone. I threw out so many ideas at the meeting and everyone was just not on the train for much if any of them. The person elected PR hasn't done much along the lines of finding people to come and talk and places for us to go. I some how got chosen to be the person to find plant donations when it had been discussed as being a whole group task and everyone's responsibility. I'm feeling like the group just doesn't want to do much of anything really and they are just there for the food that first meeting. My hopes and dreams are just too high I guess. I really shouldn't care but I do feel hurt. The club could be so much fun and really connect us and new comers and get the students more into the city community and the actual Horticulture community. I know people have full time jobs and families but it's just a half hour to an hour 2 times a month before or after your regular classes. I'm busy too, very busy and just so overwhelmed.

Sorry again for the rant. Really if anyone has input on how to drive the clubs spirit and logo design ideas that appeal to all please do say. I really wanted a logo on the front but no one is into that, they are boring.

As suggested I did a tool. This might just work!! Tell me what you think.
trowel and dirt
Dirt and Trowel


Carol said...

Some clubs are like that, a few do all the work, and might even be club officers. The others just complain.

How about a picture with a trowel or something on it? Does it have to be plant?

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

How about something manly like a chainsaw or a power blower/vac? ;^) I like your designs, but maybe the guys would be more comfortable with a group of shrubs & trees?

Andrea said...

wow these are really good for logos.

Okay. So. I have no idea for the tree logo thing right now, but concerning the club. SOmetimes people just need someone to take them by the horn and say 'this is what we're doing, everyone meet there at this time.' Like a garden tour. Even a teasure hunt concerning perennials in a garden, so that when people find all the perennials and can name where they are, they get a prize. (that was my retarded little idea thrown in there). but yeah, you can't have a group like that with many leaders. Everyone's opinion will vary and if you're ideas are fun and YOU think they will work out, say "I arranged for something [insert date of weekend here] and I hope you all can make it. It would be a great time, this is what we're doing, blah blah blah. And see where it goes. See what people say. They might bitch and complain and you shouldn't have to defend yourself. you can say you are doing this regardless of the club and that you hope they will come out and be apart of it. Keep it positive and don't ever say sorry, or get on the defensive, making excuses as to why you set plans without them. They already know why you would set something in motion without them. It's no good to argue. but.. if you're really shy, approach a few peoplequietly about the ideas, and then, have them aggree (if they like the idea) to speak up when you suggest it. People resist change. They resist anything and gardeners are generally quirky people with their own ideas of what works and what doesn';t. you know?

Im excited for you. Props to you for trying to keep the group going and steering them in the right direction. Just remember, have a little confidence. Take em by the horn!!!


Carla said...

I like them all! Even the 'man-ly tree! You did a wonderful job gathering suggestions! I would have a hard time choosing.

Barbarapc said...

Your drawings are great & very of the moment - notice how lots of design features (wallpapers, fabrics, etc.) show spare shapes contrasted with bright backgrounds. As far as the boys are concerned, as long as it's longer than wide - I think they'll be fine. As my mum used to say, "Sounds like a set-her-up and sink-her kind of group" Good luck.