Corkscrew Buds

corkscrew vine bud
Corkscrew Vine Flower Bud

The corkscrews are coming! My corkscrew vine (Vigna caracalla) has buds. I can't believe that I will be getting actual blooms from this vine. I really lost hope as all year it has been growing and taking over my balcony but no sign of any flowers. While spraying (Stupid mites and white flies) I saw buds, everywhere!f I've been so disattached to my balcony garden that I didn't notice. It's been so disappointing to go out and water all the wilting plants that are infested with bad bad bugs that I can't get rid of. Now that the weather is cooling I hope my plants can get healthy again and fight off the bugs. It's so hard to keep them all properly watered when I am gone for 8 hours. I deeply water them all before I go to work but it does not help them all. The corkscrew has been doing really well but it is starting to get mites and the white flies love to hide behind all those leaves. I can't wait to see and smell these blooms. They better come soon before the bugs take over.

corkscrew vine bud
corkscrew vine bud
corkscrew vine bud


Carla said...

OOO I hope you get seeds! I feel your buggy pain-I have a couple inside that just seem to stay buggy. Good luck-and yea cooler weather!

Barbarapc said...

I've only seen photos of the flowers in catalogues - hope to see this one in full bloom shortly. Lovely blog.

Sue Swift said...

Have never come across the corkscrew vine before - look forward to seeing the pics of the flowers. Soon by the looks of it.

Aiyana said...

Hope you show the flowers...

JGH said...

Thanks for your welcome on Blotanical- it was a couple of months ago, so I don't blame you if you don't remember. Glad to finally come and "meet" you and your blog.

Congratulations on the new job! An herb farm sounds fun. I'll definitely be checking your blog to hear more about that :-)

You've inspired me to start a little collection of succulent houseplants. I gave up all my houseplants after I had kids, thinking there's only so much that I can nurture. But now I think it's time to try again. Especially if I can find a "string of pearls" So pretty and unusual!

Annie in Austin said...

It will be fun to see the Corkscrew flowers develop and open, Vanillalotus - the shape of the bud cluster is quite graceful.

Fingers crossed that they smell as good as everyone says - I've read about it but haven't seen it in person either.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose