Home but not Garden Television

morning glory and sp vine
Morning Glory 'Lt. Blue Mnt. Fuji' and Sweet Potato Vines

On Plurk a couple of garden bloggers brought up the dreaded H(G)TV. Being gardeners we are peeved that there is no garden in Home and Garden Television. The station has been overrun with home improvement and house makeover shows that I can't say when I last saw a garden show. It's been brought up that if they don't have garden shows why not just take out the garden from their station title.

I used to watch HGTV often and don't ever remember seeing a single garden show, but I'm young so maybe once upon a time there were some. Really if HGTV would put garden shows on their station they would get more ratings right? Apparently they don't believe so it seems. To them those home improvement shows are the big money makers. That could be why now a days not many people go into gardening and don't have appealing gardens or appealing neighborhoods anymore. Very rarely do I see a totally nice neighborhood or more than one house that has a great well kept garden. There are probably more people who are into interior designing, buying selling houses and what not because that's all the shows they televise. I have a feeling if they put more garden shows on their station more people would know what to do with their yards and how to grow plants and have just more general plant knowledge. I could be wrong, but it would be nice for us gardeners to have stuff to watch too. I don't have a home to renovate but I do have place to plant stuff.

So HGTV, make more garden shows and educate your viewers into making the outside of their home look good too. It's not all about the inside. Or just take out the garden from your name and us gardeners won't be peeved that there is not gardening on your channel.

morning glory

I'm always surprised to here people say 'You must have a green thumb to be going into the Horticulture Industry'. Well just a year ago I thought I couldn't grow anything not even ivy. Most people has this idea that gardening is hard and just so time consuming. It's not time consuming if you find it fun and pleasurable. It does get hard to go out and garden in 100 degree weather and seeing your plants suffer despite your best efforts. In my mind having shows to reeducate the generations that gardening is not this impossible thing, and with knowledge you can grow stuff and make a pretty place. Most of the time I hear people say 'I don't have time'. But yet they are able to watch tv for 3 hours or spend their time doing something else ridiculous when they could be out there taking care of their wonderful garden. It's rewarding, more rewarding then watching tv. After saying that then why bother have a tv station show gardening? It gets out to those out there that maybe want to garden but don't know how, and it would maybe give them a boost and inspiration into making a garden and beautifying their world and space. I bet everyone wants a beautiful garden but many just don't believe they can take care of it, grow plants, have the time, have the money, etc. Just my thoughts on what I have noticed in general of the people I talk to.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Really beautiful photos VL. I agree that HTV sucks anymore. It used to have garden tours and all kinds of stuff. The Brits get gardening programing. We don't.~~Dee

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Gardening shows are also a great way to make it through the winter if you live up North, like I do. Believe it or not there used to be good gardening programs on HTV. I guess my age is showing.

Carla said...

What a pretty morning glory! Are its leaves varigated? I love it with your sweet potato vine-great combo. As for HGTV-I seem to remember more gardening shows on more days than just Sat & Sun. A great show would be Victory Garden set ups. Where they could go to some (willing) person's house and show us all how to Victory Garden. Interesting post.

ConsciousGardener said...

Love the pics...dynomite:) I'm in Austin TX, and we have one good gardening show...Central Texas Gardening and it's got a huge following! I recently got rid of my TV though and I feel mucho liberated!

Benjamin Vogt said...

I've resorted to watching my local extension cable access program. Not too bad, not too low budget, but the call ins are dumb (how do I mow my lawn, what are those red bugs with black dot on their wings).

Joanne said...

Like what you said about hgtv. I didn't even realize this gardening void until your post - I don't think redoing your landscaping in Curb Appeal is gardening! Good point. Just found your blog, enjoyed browsing!

Beth said...

I agree with MMG - Gardening shows in the upper Midwest would sure make the winter seems not so long. Nah, it'll still seem long! Good post.

Anonymous said...

Great post today. HGTV used to show wonderful gardening shows that fulfilled my obsession with plants during the down time in the garden. They need to get back to that instead of all those real estate shows they play now.

Cinj said...

I used to watch HGTV almost 24/7 I liked the shows so much, just ask Cheesehead! I think they should change their name to HBTV if all they're going to show are reruns. BO-RING!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Vanillalotus,

I've been reading the various "where's the H" posts and think you have a great idea.

ConsciousGardener mentioned our local show called Central Texas Gardener. KLRU puts a lot of garden segments on YouTube - while you're waiting for HGTV to reform its ways, you can watch real garden stuff at KLRU YouTube Station.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Element said...

I know what you mean. HGTV is isn't what it use to be. I still watch a lot of shows on there. But I would rather watch garden show then the others.

Great pictures by the way!

Sue Swift said...

We get no gardening programmes on TV here at all,or home makeovers for that matter. When I go back to the UK I just sit down in front of the TV and gorge on both ...

melissa said...

HGTV used to have several great gardening shows. All that is left is Paul James 'Gardening By the Yard' and we're very lucky to even have his show left! Y'all are soooo right - HGTV has gone downhill over the last decade.

Linda Lunda said...

I love the photos!
They are so beautiful.
I do wonder.. how do you get that pick me gadget on the posting?

Andrea said...

Hola!! I wanted to pop in and say Hi since i havn't done that for sometime. Im still around. We're just moving to a house now! it's good to see you're still posting. I willbe around soonish. :D

Karen said...

I so enjoyed your blog and the pictures, which are beautiful. I enjoy HGTV too, but you are correct in that it is more home than garden, anymore. I am fortunate to have a large yard and many different types of plants. Living in Central Florida it is a year round job, but one of love. Keep up the good work. Oh, please check out my yard blog here on blogspot:Backyard Casual

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