Spontaneous Garden Center Purchases

Unknown Begonia

A few days ago I had the urge to go my local garden centers to see if there were any begonias. I'm a begonia lover, specifically rex and angel wing begonias so far. I have plans in the future to become a collector or even start my own little business selling them and other things. Anyways, off I went to go see what the garden center was up. Lucky me found not 1 but 2 Begonias and few other things I couldn't resist.

Unknown Begonia

Sadly the begonias have no tags or names on them. I posted up on the Gardenweb Begonia forum to see if someone can ID them. I've looked online quickly but not found anything except maybe 'Fairy' that looks like the one above. Nothing for the one below has looked even similar.

Unknown Begonia #2

I looked around and found a few other things I just couldn't pass up.


Here is an Echeveria I think that is fairly large, about 5inches in diameter. I loved the nice pink tone in the middle. I'm a sucker for echeverias or succulents that look like rosettes and have a pink blush to them.

Cryptanthus Red Star
Cryptanthus Red Star

Lastly I bought this Cryptanthus Red Star. Yet again no label. It took me a while to find it on the internet because all I knew was that it was related to the Bromeliad and I had seen them before. I just love it! It looks so mean and evil but it's so pretty with such a bright red coloring to it. I don't know why but I just love Bromeliads and little guys like this.

Those were my purchases. Maybe someone out there knows the names of the Begonias and even the Echeveria perhaps.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I would spontaneously have bought all those too! I haven't bought a new plant since back in the fall, and I feel a trip to a greenhouse for hortitherapy coming on.

Carla said...

Lovely finds! Is that ALL you bought? Garden Centers SO sway me:)

Teza said...

I too have a soft spot for Begonia- and love "Rex" for the spectacular foliage. I came across one this past year called 'Escargot' -with leaves that are almost conical in shape... wonderful! My car is broken - and alas this is the only reason I haven't made any treks to the local greenhouses in the area. I need a fix soon! For now its vicariously through other bloggers purchases... too pathetic to contemplate!

garden girl said...

Your photos are just gorgeous. I love begonias. The foliage is as beautiful and the flowers.

Claire said...

I'm not completely sure about this but your Echeveria looks very much like 'Perle von Nurnburg'
Nice Choices!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Love the Cryptanthus Red Star. Is that going to be a house plant?

Try Logee's catalog for the Begonias. There are so many it maybe hard to nail down. The silver one is handsome.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oooh, you went crazy, girl...but I LIKE!!! That 'red star' is a beauty!! What a treat!!

Valerie said...

check robsviolet.com under the begonia section.
They've posted beautiful pictures of the leaves. you might be able to identify using that. don't miss the second page, which is linked through the bottom of the first page.

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These plants would be perfect for my garden. I really like the color of the leaves because it is kind of purple