Surprise Blooms

bunny tails grass
Bunny Tails Grass

Another few things that happened while I was gone on my vacation to Portugal for 3 weeks were surprise blooms. Surprise blooms are blooms from plants that haven't bloomed and you never expected them to bloom because it's been FOREVER. Bunny Tails Grass and Stock I both grew from seeds...I forget when. Bunny Tails Grass was last year. Stock Tudor Tapestry was one of the first plants I planted so about the end of 2007.

Stock Tudor Tapestry

Now here they are fully starting to bloom. I'm beyond thrilled with the Bunny Tails Grass. This plant just pulls at my heart. Now the stock I have learned to hate. One because it took forever, it wilts real easily in the heat and is so not as drought tolerant as my other container plants. And the plant it's self just looks crappy. I'm sure they is 100% my fault because I have 4 plants in one 8inch pot and 2 plants in I think an 8inch pot also. It's crowded in there and all the leaves are gone from the bottom.

It's nice to have some blooms finally. Things were looking dead and dull here but they are finally perking back up.


Darla said...

the grass is as cute as a bunny tail. I have never seen that type of stock before, my stock is outside and it's loving the cooler weather.

Annie in Austin said...

Does the stock at least smell nice, Vanillalotus? One can forgive a plant much if there's fragrance!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

siskelkk said...

Surprises are always the best and those blooms are lovely. I've been blown away by the number of plants on the balcony that continue to bloom despite this record breaking heatwave!

sjp8987 said...

How long did it take your Bunny Tails to have a little puff on the end? I just sowed some seeds 3 weeks ago, so will I have blooms this year?

Vanillalotus said...

Darla- I think the stock is normal stock but it hasn't finished opening all it's blooms. It's supposed to be a doubled version but I didn't do selecting when they were seedlings.

Annie- The stock does smell very very nice but I have to stick my nose pretty close to it to smell it.

siskelkk- Plants can make it through the toughest conditions.

sjp8987 The bunny tails I sowed in April of 08. I am sure you will get blooms this year. Don't take my plants as markers to when certain plants are supposed to bloom. I mostly sow my seeds far after the recommended time. Also the bunny tails grew rather slow for awhile because when I transplanted I ran out of certain parts to my container mix so used what I had. It held too much water and I feel like caused the grass to grow slower, along with me starting them in April. Good luck on yours!

Carla said...

What wonderful surprises! Love the bunny tail, and am sure your stock smells heavenly:)

Bethany said...

Bunny tails make me so happy too. I just bought another pack of seeds for this year. But I also have a little pot I brought in the house this winter that had pansies in it and bunny tail grass that was gone. The pansies were still alive so I put them under the lights with the geraniums. A bunny tail head was still in the soil and soon enough sprouted grass. Just yesterday I spied a little fluffy tail popping up. What a delight! Great blog, your pups are adorable and I love your photos.