When Sedum Attacks....

dragons blood sedum
Dragons Blood Sedum

While I was gone on my trip to Portugal to see my parents, something grew on my balcony. I had waited months for my Dragons Blood Sedum to spread in the little corner of the weeping dwarf crape myrtle sacramento. It did grow but it took me a few days to even notice because...

variegated carpet sedum
Variegated Carpet Sedum

When I came back it was not the Dragons Blood Sedum that I initially noticed but the Variegated Sedum. When I had left this sedum had spread but it was about 6 pieces standing 3 inches tall. Now it's spread everywhere and looks gorgeous. These started out as 3 cuttings that I "stole" from my last employer after they did cuttings of pots before sending them to the stores. Those 3 turned into six which turned into this! 3 of them died because i put them indoors and they just didn't make it. 3 of them went to a lucky raffle winner at the school hort club. Now I have all these.

ivy sedum weeping crape myrtle
Containers with Ivy, Sedums and Jovibarba

Not only did I notice the Sedums but the IVY!!! I got this ivy as a little plantlet when I volunteered at the botanical gardens. We were ripping out some ivy that they no longer wanted under the palms. I took a tiny little one home with me. It hardly grew for a whole year. Yet when I come back this thing is taking over. It has now branched out behind the planter and infront of the planter. The initial leader is not about 4 feet long. I could not take an accurate photo but the leader in on the ground wrapped around some pots.

Isn't it crazy how you wait for so long to see your plants grow and think you are doing something wrong. When really they just want to grow out of your sight.


Darla said...

That Sedum is very nice. It's kind of like the saying, "A watched pot never boils."

Carla said...

your planter looks great! What a great combo:) AND nice surprise for when you came home:)

Laura Z said...

I love the Dragon's Blood! I haven't seen that color yet. And don't those 'borrowed' cuttings seem to look the prettiest?

Watch out for that ivy. Don't let it take over.

jodi said...

I think plants are related to kettles; just as a kettle won't boil when we're standing beside it, teacup in hand, plants like to grow when we're ignoring them.

Gardenista said...

Lovely! I have just been reading about green roofs covered in various types of sedum. Such lovely and colorful little plants and so undemanding too! Good job with those pretty little cuttings.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello again Vanillalotus !!
I just picked up on Andrea (Greenhouse Worker) again and saw your name on her site comments .. thought I would swing by and say hello ! I love the sedum .. I am a fan of those : )

lisa said...

Nice planter combo! That's what I like about cacti-you think they aren't doing anything, then you look at them one day and notice they grew 3 inches!

Vanillalotus said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments!

LauraZ- Yes it seems every borrowed cutting or plant I took in without thinking it would made it are the ones that look the best. Nah the ivy is contained. I'll be cutting it back soon.

Jodi- I agree, this happens all the time, but I still get surprised.

Gardenista- I would love to have a green roof. I adore sedum and practically any succulent but sedum just does so well.

Joy- Hey Joy! Thanks for stopping by. By the way I do read your blog posts every day on my google reader. I just dont have enough time to be commenting on all the blogs I read. I'm trying to get back in the habit of trying to comment as much as possible when time allows.

Lisa- I know cacti and succulents do that! Thanks for the comment. The planter is actually just a mash of things I didn't have space for but it works in the end I guess ha.

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