It's Seed Time!

Seeds Spring 09
Seeds sown 1-23-09

Finally I sowed some of my seeds. There are tons of seeds I bought for this year. What I planted is such a small portion of what I have. I'm regretting planting the different types that I did because I don't have the space to grow substantial amounts of all of them. Each type has 3 pots or less. Some pots will probably be too small in a short time. I'll see how it goes but it's fun to plant seeds anyways and I'll be happy if I get some nice basic plants to plant for my home when we start moving in April.

Seeds Spring 09

Really I have no idea if most of these seeds will do well here. I'm so used to container gardening and being able to manipulate the soil and light to my liking. The balcony provides some shade so none of my plants get the full blazing hot killing sun that SA offers. Live and learn, I just can't resist buying seeds that might make it.

There are 63 pots and 23 different plants:
Castor Oil Bean Zanzibarrensis Mix
Black-eyed Susan Vine 'Spanish Eyes'
Verbena Adonis Mango
Cosmos Daydream
Zinnia Red Spider
Profusion Apricot Zinnia
Nicotiana Domino Salmon Pink
Nicotiana Tinkerbell
Wizard Velvet Red Coleus
Palisandra Coleus
Bronze Fennel Smokey
Salvia viridis Blue Denim
Love Lies Bleeding
Cigar Plant Matchless
Osteospermum African Moon
Lavender English Dwarf Hidcote
Petunia Easy Wave Beachcombers Mix
Achillea Summer Pastels
Basil Dark Opal Purple
Coreopsis Sunray
Alternanthera Purple Knight
Nasturtium Scarlet Gleam


Bonnie Story said...

Wow! Great job. I like your setup. It just snowed here last night and looking at the your seed project tells me Spring is out there, and will come back again. Best of luck!

Eva said...

Awesome set up! It looks similar to what I did a couple of years ago. Where did you find the trays?

sjp8987 said...

I'm glad to see someone is like me and can't help but sow EVERY seed she owns at once. I have over 150 types of seeds, so since I am moving from my apartment this year, I just planted the annuals.

Where did you get the lights for that?

Can't wait to see the plants and flowers that come!

Vanillalotus said...

Bonnie- Thanks for visiting! Thanks for you nice comment. Hope spring comes to you soon. Hope to see you again!

Eva- Thanks it's an okay setup. I found the trays online at www.acemart.com. They are called tabletop trays (lunch trays!) and cost just a little over $3.00 each. They come in different sizes and colors. They fit but I have to turn one in another direction or overlap them a bit. I didn't have the stand when I bought them so did not realize the poles would be in the space that width and length of the box stated.

sjp8987- Thank god I'm not alone. I feel like such a weakling not being able to control my seed addiction. Good luck on your move, I also am moving from an apartment into a home in just a few months. I got the lights from Lowes, they were not what I expected but they are perfectly good!

Wicked Gardener said...

I went out and bought a bunch of seeds this weekend. It IS an addiction.

Carla said...

Are you moving to San Antonio? How exciting! Congratulations on the home:) Will you have a yard? I loved seeing your set up! I'm looking forward to starting EVERYTHING and seeing what lives here this spring! Keep us posted:)

vertie said...

Wow, that's a lot of seeds! I haven't such good luck germinating my own so I'll look forward to see how yours do.

lisa said...

Good luck with your seeds! From the look of your setup, this isn't your "first rodeo"...I bet they grow great! :)

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