Late Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's been a while since I have participated in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Thanks to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for creating this wonderful event. Every 15th of the month garden bloggers are encouraged to take photos of their blooms. I actually did take these pictures on the 15th but haven't had any time to post them up. After doing this post I have homework to do. It's been long since I last posted but I just haven't had the time or even the want to continue with my blog. There are times I get so run down and tired of things I just have to take a break. I think I'm ready to come back again now that I have a yard that I'm trying to get going. No more balcony garden and I'm glad but frustrated too. All my plants are still in pots while I'm trying to rid of the massive amounts of fire ants and make beds.

Here is what is blooming!

Earth Star

Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle Sacramento

Cocktail Vodka Begonia

Red Spider Zinnia

Red Pineapple Sage



Sweet William Pinocchio


Laura Bush Petunia



Mexican Heather





Salvia daghestanica/Dwarf Silver Leaf Sage

Salvia daghestanica/Dwarf Silver Leaf Sage

Graptopetalum/Ghost Plant

Tomato Blooms

Tomato Blooms

Bunny Tails Grass


JGH said...

Marvelous blooms! I like how you grouped them by color.

Alice Joyce said...

I think I can smell the scent of that stock, among that rich array :-)
Cheers, Alice

Element said...

Great pictures. Love the pineapple sage. You will love it when its covered in blooms this fall. Mine bloomed from late summer until first frost in Dec.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Big fan of the purples are we?

Sandy said...

Nice photos! I've just accidentally linked to your blog and I like it :) I wish I had a yard like you do now. I only have a balcony, and it's a north-facing one too haha :P

sunny said...

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Carla said...

You can really grow some stock!!
Did you over winter your bunny tails, or are these this year? Plant or seed?
Never seen a ghost plant bloom:)
Looks like your babies are doing well in your pots. Good luck with the ants.
Hang in there! And keep blooming:)

Jean said...

I really like that Dwarf Silver Leaf Sage. I've never seen it before. You've got lots of great blooms!

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I love your photos!!

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