The Creation of a Garden Bed

garden most mulch

Finally I have a garden bed that is almost done. It only took a few months to get one done. Taking out the grass was the longest most boring and painful process. After taking out the grass it was easy.

I purchased some herb mix soil from Fertile Garden Supply. I got to say I love that place as it has every mix of soil I could want and mulch too. The herb mix is made of compost, decayed bark, orange sand, and cedar flakes. It makes a nice airy mix with a touch of nutrients. I liked it out of all the other ones. Just straight compost was my initial want but they husband did not want poo in his then new truck.

Planttone was added and plants were planted. Then off we went to get some mulch. This was a harder choice as I have never mulched anything in my life. I got double shredded cedar as others say it repels pests. If only it repelled dogs from going into the bed.

The white plastic picket fence is not to my liking. It was bought because the dogs know no boundaries. They see new dirt and that mommy is digging so they think it is okay to go in there. It's easier for now to keep them out of it because they have small areas to sneak in from. I'll be getting some stone pavers to put in the place of the fence so it looks more...natural I guess. Hopefully they will still see the pavers sticking out of the ground as a boundary.


I potted up this container just a few days. This container is plastic or something like that and it was about $16 or something, so it was a real bargain. It makes a great focal point in that bed. In the container I planted a Tiffany rose, a balloon flower, and a lemon thyme. The Tiffany Rose was what I bought the container for, plus I like blue. The rose blooms pink and the other two plants I just added in because they needed to be potted up. Hopefully it grows and looks awesome.

I'm very nervous about my bed because it's hard to plant things and think of how they will look in the future. I took into account leaf texture color and blue color. The leaf color was hard since everything was about the same shade of green. There are annuals in the bed so I will be able to put new thins in after they die. The grass that I am putting in the back is Panicum Cloud Nine. It's nice and airy so It should provide a nice background for the other plants and make them stand out more.

Here is the progress of the bed.
bed no mulchbed almost mulched


Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

The color of the container you placed in the bed is my absolute favorite color in the world. I call it "Grammie Blue" because it's the color my Dad's mom wore. She had a whole closet with just that color clothes in it. Sort of like how cartoon characters have closets with tons of the exact same outfit...

Sandy said...

Same here, I have to keep an eye on my yoshi terrier too. This baby just loves sneaking into my balcony and nibble on my plants :P

Mario Luis said...

Maybe in the future you could elevate or raise portions of your bed to add some visual variety.?

Mario Luis