Daylily Season


It's daylily season here at New Sprout. I'm so glad that this year I did go on vacation at this time. Last year I missed most of my daylily and did not get a great show out of them. This year it is different and it seems every daylily I have has a scape on it! So here is the show of daylilies. I think I finally got them figured out as to who is who. Now if only I marked the fan before the blooms are all gone.


A tiny daylily 2 inches in diameter that is beautiful yellow. So small but still so pretty.

<abstract art
Abstract Art

This year I know for sure this is Abstract Art. The changing colors from the front 3 petals and the back 3 petals are more apparent.

Common Daylily

What many call the common ditch daylily. I still like it and I can't complain as I got it and others in a daylily grab bag for $1.

windsor castle
Windsor Castle

Love this color!

sacred way
Sacred Way

I don't think I saw this one last year. I'm not too sure that his is scared way as I can't find photos online of what Sacred Way looks like. From the description this is yet. It said light gold with pink midribs and small yellow throat. This is the only one that looks like it has a light gold with pink midribs. To me it's Sacred Way.


Lastly the one red daylily that has been blooming. I bought several other red daylilies but I don't think those have bloomed. They only have slight differences like a tad bit more purple and one more ruffly, etc. Out of all the red daylilies I bought eruption is the one that closely matches my bloom.


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Wow, what a great show. Over here my daylilies are not in bloom yet and I must admit I don't have as many as you but I am also looking forward to their show soon! Glad that this year you have the time to enjoy your lovely lilies!!!

Donalyn said...

I hate it when I misplace the tags on my daylilies - such a pain to figure them out later! Tinker's Gardens is a good resource for identifying: http://www.tinkersgardens.com/daylilies/ as well as having a nice forum for discussions. Thanks for the follow on Twitter - I will be back to check your blog out some more. It is early for much to be in bloom up here, but I will have more garden content on my blog as the summer progresses.

cat said...

oh my...i think i might be seeing daylilies in my future..thank you!!