My Balcony Update

right side
Right side on my balcony

So here is my balcony again for all to see. Of course it has changed since I have taken this picture. I just put out a flat with some sweet potato vine cuttings and the ground is messy again. When I take photos of my balcony is always after I have swept it. I added one plant since taking this photo, the basket plant I had inside.

On this side:
bougainvillea (2), jasmine, evening primrose, torenia, laura bush petunia, abutioin, corkscrew vine, daylily, hyacinth bean vine, stock, coleus, gaillardia, parsley, cocktail vodka begonia, vinca, livewire grass, variegated devils backbone, mexican heather, plumos fern, sunflower (2 both not doing well), winter squash, woolly mint, statice, mt fuji morning glory, phlox, salvia (not doing well), nemesia, bunny tail grass, lobelia, and soapwort

lower right corner
Lower right corner

upper right corner
Upper right corner

left side
Left side

The left side always seems to get all the bad insects and diseases. Right now that side has white flies badly, minor spider mites, and the dianthus was partially rotting for some reason. This side has improved alot since I first started. It used to be the side where nothing would really grow and just didn't look too great. It looks great now in the picture but those darn white flies. I think I had some control over them recently with my daily (sometimes twice) spraying.

Plants here:
Hibiscus, boston fern, maiden hair fern, mint, knotweed, weeping dwarf crape myrtle, jacqueline hillier elm, dragons blood sedum, myrtle spurge, jovibarba hirta, needle point ivy, variegated devils backbone, variegated dracaena, amaryllis, snake plant, purple fountain grass, sweet potato vine, mt fuji morning glories, chenille plant, white pentas, dianthus pinnocchio, campanula blue clips, and balloon flower.

lower left corner
Lower left corner

upper left corner
Upper left corner

Do click on photos to see bigger picture.


garden girl said...

Priscilla, I just love your balcony. It's so pretty, and you have such an interesting variety of plants. I always love visiting your blog. You really take great pictures.

I've always been one who tries to make a lot with a little, and I really admire your resourcefulness.

I love how you make the most of your space. Your balcony is very lovely!

Element said...

Great looking porch. Reminds so much of my old porch!

rmgales said...

What a great balcony. You have a diverse collection there!

Sue Swift said...

I have the same problem -areas where things grow well and areas which seem doomed from the start. Odd.

Lynn said...

How cool to have all those plants on your balcony! I used to do that with my front porch.

Thanks for coming by and commenting on the "weed." I had thought of that plant before (Cassia), but these blooms hang down instead of standing up. Could it still be the same plant? I will post pictures as the plant grows so you can see it.

Thanks again, and happy balcony gardening!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Wow, I am impressed. You have really maximized your space.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

For someone without a yard, I think you have a greater variety of plants than most of us that do!

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That's nice I always wanted to have a mini garden on my house but I don't have time to take care of it.
Beautiful, thakns for sharing.