Super Late Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

purple fountain grass
Purple Fountain Grass

Wow I am late with Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Really I was prepared on July 15th but for some reason my motivation has been slacking in all aspects of life. I need a nice vacation with no stress, like that is possible. Better late then never right? Carol from May Dreams Gardens created Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Garden Bloggers from all over the world share their blooms every 15th of the month. Go and visit Carol and all the wonderful bloggers who participated in GBBD.

lobelia crystal palace
Lobelia Crystal Palace

campanula blue clips
Campanula Deep Blue Clips

baloon flower
Balloon Flower


mexican heather
Mexican Heather

gaillardia razzle dazzle
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle


weeping drawf crape myrtle
Weeping Drawf Crape Myrtle Sacramento

juanita hatten bougainvillea
Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea

barbara karst bougainvillea
Barbara Karst Bougainvillea

chenille plant
Chenille Firetail

cocktail vodka begonia
Cocktail Vodka Begonia

gaillardia razzle dazzle
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle

gaillardia razzle dazzle
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle

abutilon bella red grapefruit
Abutilon Bella Red Grapefruit

gaillardia razzle dazzle
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle

pinnocchio sweet william
Sweet William Pinocchio

white pentas
White Pentas


Carol said...

Late is always better than never! You've got quite a few blooms.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Brenda Jean said...

I love the Chenille Firetail-- is it tall? That is very cool!

Hey, I've been there on the lack of motivation at times, so I know how you feel. VERY nice blooms:)

Nicole said...

Very lovely flowers-I'm a bit surprised that almost all are what we grow in the caribbean!

Cinj said...

I'm with Carol. Better late than never. Lovely blooms. I don't have many of those up here although I think I could grow a few of them if I chose to. So many plants, so little time.

chey said...

It's never too late for great blooms! Your photography is fantastic!

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I posted mine late too. If they catch us, will we be expelled from Garden Blogger's bloom Day?

Your photos are lovely.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

Better late than never! Your photos are excellent - I especially like the shots of Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle...very beautiful!

Hope you get a nice, stressless vacation soon, so that your motivation returns promply...