Wordless Wednesday: Crinum

crinum x walter flory
Crinum 'Walter Flory'

I know this is wordless Wednesday but I have to say this. I had written the name of this Crinum down and typed in the computer as water foly...which I found nothing when doing a search. After looking for pink Crinums I found that it must be Walter Flory. I wonder if I wrote it down wrong or if the Botanical Gardens plaque is wrong.

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Annie in Austin said...

I think you're right, Vanillalotus, and the plaque has the wrong name. Did you google it? There are lots of sites mentioning a man named Walter S Flory who did biology research first at Texas A & M University and then at Wake Forest University. His name comes up with identification of species of Zephranthes/Rainlilies, too - I wonder if he got to know that such an impressive Crinum was named after him?

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