My Daylilies have been doing well.I think some of them I won't get to see this year because of my vacation and the lack of water. They had buds then they dried out and the scapes have dried too. Will they come back this year or no? I've enjoyed them anyways. I have some unknown varieties that I think are pretty nice even thought they are common orange. I should have put my own labels on my daylilies. i kept the plastic lables they came with but with the water and sun the writing has disappeared, lesson learned.

Windsor Castle Daylily

Sorry I haven't been posting everyday like my usual self. I even missed wordless wednesday which is my favorite day of the week. My internship is going well but I am exhausted. I'm not used to the heat and to working full time. Also on top of that I'm not used to waking up at 5:30 am. I'm finding it really hard to stay happy when all I do is work all day and then come home and pass out. I find no time and no energy to do anything when I get home. Really if it were my choice I would never work full time because it makes me very depressed. When I work part time and have time to do the things I like to do at a not rushed pace when I am exhausted I am perfectly happy. I wish I could be like the rest of the working force who don't seem to have an issue working full time.


Do please check on the right side for my twitters. I have an easier time updating them then my blog. It's far easier for me to just go online and drop two lines then to upload and edit pictures then upload them on photobucket then put them on blogger and write an entry. I never had a hard time before but I can't even stand being online for very long. Plus so far everyday but today I have come home with a migraine. I don't have prescription sunglasses so haven't worn them. I caved in today and said screw the glasses, I can see fine just things are a tad blurry far away. Now I need to gather cash to get some sunglasses so my vision won't decrease.


Zoë said...

I love the colour of the 'Windsor Castle' so soft.

Daylilies are favourite of mine too, especially when they are fragrant.

Yours are looking great.

Best Wishes,


Jane Marie said...

Keeping track of my daylilies is a passion of mine. And since I have yet to find a marker that will last more than a year or two it has been tough. I am testing another type this year, and will post on it after it has withstood the winter and next spring. It's very easy to lose track of what you have.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sorry you're working so hard. Hang in there. Life will get better, and you won't be so tired. Loved the daylily photos. I've done a post on them myself.~~Dee