The Vines Are Coming

corkscrew vine
Corkscrew Vine

Above is the Corkscrew Vine on the trellis I bought for the Hyacinth Bean Vine. A couple of parts of the corkscrew floated their way to the trellis and had started to climb inbetween the siding on the wall. I twined it around the trellis at the top and not sure what to do with it after words. Maybe I can hook some fishing line upwards or over the sliding screen door. This Corkscrew Vine has been doing good. I have tried to get it to twine downward but every time I do that the piece will die back. It just doesn't like going down. The other corkscrew I think is about to get a growth spurt. It has been slow compared to this one.

hyacinth bean vine
Hyacinth Bean Vine

The Hyacinth Bean Vine has been slow it has just reached about maybe 6" tall now. I thought it would be large by now. I think I need to fix the potting soil since it looks like it might need more perlite and bark fines. The leaves are far lighter then they should be. I know it is getting enough light as my balcony gets much light all day long. I still need to find actual bark fines. Everytime I look and think I found bark fines, it is not the right size at all. Tomorrow I will go to Lowes and see if I can find it there were many people say they find it.

winter squash
Winter Squash

Even though the Winter Squash got off to a bad leggy start it has really started to do well. It's starting to grow faster then most of my vines when they started out. I'm going to need to find somewhere to place it. The place I was going to put it in I temporarily put the Mt. Fuji Morning Glories there. I guess I need to buy another trellis for the morning glories and use my railing for the squash like I intended.

My Jasmine vine is doing well and it has grown a bit but has slowed down since it's initial growth spurt. I do hope it keeps on going.

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rusty in miami said...

Your balcony must be a site to see with all those vines growing