Petunia Sketch

Petunia Sketch
Petunia Sketch

I have been slacking off on my goal to do a sketch everyday. I did okay for a few days before going on vacation. All you mothers and full time house wives will laugh when I say this next sentence. I am having the hardest time trying to do what I need to do after working an 8 hour day. I have no energy to make food, clean, walk the dog or anything. When I get home I just want to vegetate and read about plants and tend to my little space. I feel horrible, not because of being tired but because I get home at 4pm and have 6 hours to do all the things I need to, yet I can't. Please tell me I'm not alone in having a problem balancing things. I'm sure a lot of women start out this way. Maybe I'm just lazy. Anyone with tips do share. And also anyone with tips on getting rid of headaches fast on those many days I come home with them do share also. I do have a husband but he is hard to motivate when I'm not motivated. He gets to sit behind a computer though, I get to work in the hot sun, but that was my own choice.


Cinj said...

I've had lots of these problems in my life, however I think mine were/are related to my depression. I guess it helps me to take a few minutes here and there for a break, then I seem to get renewed energy for more projects. God knows I've got plenty of THOSE up in the air! I do find it somewhat harder to get things done at night too.

As for headaches, I have used a variety of different things with varying degrees of sucess depending on the cuase of the headache. A nice hot bubble bath, a few minutes of mediataion, a good massage, aromatherapy, eating chocolate, fresh air, a walk with Cheesehead, petting my cats, gardening, playing with my kids, a nap, writing down everything I have to do so I don't have to remember it all, a glass of pop, tylenol. Hopefully some of those will work for you. (Did I ever mention I'm a bit eccentric?)

Cinj said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I liked your drawing which was the whole reason for starting to comment anyway. I got so distracted by prattling on and on I forgot to mention it!

Shala said...

I also work 8 to 9 hours days and am behind the computer most of that time, but when I get home I am still exhausted. Last night I had planned to eat around 5:30 or 6 and by the time we were done with all of our "chores" it was already 7 o'clock. I find that if I'm not really motivated and I get up and get outside I quickly forget how tired I am and I can get things done. My husband is also a great motivator. He doesn't sit down for long bits of time so it makes me feel like I should be doing something as well. haha I have to agree with Cinj that the best thing for a headache is a bath with some aromatherapy bubble bath. Lavendar is a great relaxer. Light some candles and try not to think about all the stuff that you should be doing and just enjoy yourself. We all need a little "me" time sometimes.

Andrea said...

I have a few suggestions. Maybe they may work:

For the headaches. You're not drinking enough water. That's usually the first and foremost for that. It's all about water, a hat and a good pair of sunglasses. If I can't get a hat, I always wear sunglasses. It takes the strain away from the eyes (when it's sunny- sometimes even when it's not sunny I wear glasses) and you should be drinking one bottle of water an hour, at least one, because you're sweating out twice as much. All.About.The.Water.

Another thing about the headaches is you're may not be getting enough sleep. You'll know its more the water and the sleep if you wake up groggy in the morning. When you dont' drink enough water, it feels like a hangover when you've been in the sun all day (up until you get your morning going). When it's the sleep, you're usually draggin your ass and there's pressure in your head that's constant.

I think the above suggestions are great ideas but for me, I couldn't possibly imagine a hot bath after being in the sun all day. most of the time, Im taking a cold shower and just standing in it with my forehead pressed to the wall (eyes closed) and thinking about nothing at all. Maybe a cold bath with lavender? haha.. BRRRRR.

I know you need to stay up late at night to get something done but lets face it, greenhouse workers let the chores go when they're in their busy season because it's more important to look after your body than looking after the dirt on the floor. And trust me, there is ALOT of dirt in my house when I put on my work boots (while getting ready in the morning). You should be in bed by 8pm, no later than 10 and guarenteed, you'll feel better. But you can't just do one night of a good sleep. Your body has to catch up with you, so to see a difference, you have to go to bed at the same time everynight and you'll see a change in a week.

By the way! lovely sketch!!!!! :D

Andrea said...

By the way, make double in your meals when you cook. Then you can carry on leftovers into the next day and skip out on the cooking. So you're only cooking meals every other day. It goes a long way for giving you time to do the things you need.

Wicked Gardener said...

Vanillalotus - I posted the yucca seedlings. They are doing great!

Sarah Laurence said...

I enjoyed your GBBD post but this sketch even more - keep drawing!

On your profile you said you're drifting between careers. I drifted a lot too - I did a Landscape Architecture course, art school, MA in political science, office jobs and now I paint landscapes and write novels. Maybe we just want more out of life?

Hope your headaches get better. Sounds like you just need less stress - as if.

Lori said...

Nice sketch!

I concur with whoever said to drink more water. I get headaches when I get dehydrated. And I've found that taking B-vitamin and potassium supplements helps too.

As for energy, I can't really help you there. I tend to cope with the same problem by drinking far too much caffeine, which messes with my sleep schedule.

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