Living in The Sun

plumosa fern
Plumosa Fern

There are two plants on my balcony that I have been monitoring for any signs of sun burn. I got them and the signs at the nursery said full sun but the internet and their tags said other wise. The Plumosa Fern and the Chenille Firetail are the two. Online the Plumosa Fern I think says partial shade. I don't really have partial shade on my balcony. I tried to shade it some by putting it by the cocktail vodka begonia. So far it's doing wonderful.

plumosa fern
Plumosa Fern and Torenia Leaves

I'm a lover of the light airy texture of Plumosa Fern. Ferns are a favorite of mine but I can't ever get any since I have no shade or even partial shade. I should just buy some and keep them inside but so far I haven't been a good indoor plant grower. The Plumsa Fern looks great will the Torenia Planted next door. The Torenia has started to trail around the Plumosa Fern. It looks great when there is a bloom by the fern.

By the way according to my research notes the Plumosa Fern can get up to 4ft tall and isn't really a fern at all. The Plumosa Fern is in the asparagus family.

Chenille Firetail
Chenille Firetail

I chose the Chenille Firetail for my hanging basket. The sign for it said it could take full sun but the tag and internet said shade to partial shade I don't really have a place of partial shade to hang it from. It's done great so far and has another bloom and the previous blooms have gotten longer. No signs of burn yet. I hope these two plants do well because I love them so far

Any other gardeners out there experience this with some of their plants? I'm so very surprised that they are doing well in full sun.


Carol said...

Hi Vanillalotus. You are the winner of the Ethel gardening gloves! Send me an email to MDG_Blog at Comcast.net and I'll get you in touch with the company to get the free pair.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

shirl said...

Hi there Vanillalotus, wow, what beautiful photos :-D

I am partial to greens too but I especially like ferns. Funnily enough I have less delicate looking ferns growing in my sunnier front garden which are also doing okay. Although not all varieties do.

I would take a shot in the dark and say yours is thriving because of its leaf type. I am guessing you are misting it as well as watering it. If it is happy enjoy!!

Have a great weekend :-D

Andrea said...

I can't say much about how those planst are doing. Im exactly the opposite of you on my balcony, in Full blown shade. Its a bit of a struggle to get things to bloom, especially since I havn'tbeen fertiliziing. Shame on me! :O


Layanee said...

I've grown the chenille plant in bright but indirect light. I think your instincts on the ferns are correct.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

That top shot is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...


Hi Vanillalotus,
I love your photography - very delicate, the images of the blue Morning Glory are amazing! what sort of camera are you using, out of curiosity?

By the way - You have been tagged. Please visit my blog if you would like to play along ;)

Anonymous said...

My grandmother always grew plumosa ferns, and in recent years I've found it difficult to find nurseries here who even know what I'm talking about. My grandmother always had her pot of plumosa fern outside where it received all the sun until just afternoon, so I'm not surprised yours is doing well. I suspect the reason it does so well is that it's not a true fern, but actually a member of the Asparagus family. I found your post by chance as I'm looking for a plumosa myself to order from a nursery. Good luck with your plumosa (By the way, my grandmother always overwintered her plumosa here in Arkansas by simply placing it in the breezeway between the house and the garage. So, if you're in the south, this perennial might be okay planted outside if it has enough mulch.

Dawn, in Arkansas

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