Results of Not Researching

angle wing begonia frosty
Angel Wing Begonia 'Frosty'

A few weeks back at the beginning of June I purchased two plants and a wind chime. I was looking for some shade plants to place inside and by my front door. I didn't research before I went to the garden center as I didn't plan on going there at all that day. Anyways, I asked the lady at the register what kind of lighting these two plants need. She said shade and I took her word for it.

The Begonia above is started to get brown edges. I think it's just not getting enough sun I have a feeling. Why do I feel this? I have another Angel Wing or Rex Begonia that my teacher had said would do well in shade. Lets say it's not looking great right now and has lost a majority of it's leaves. This just started happening a few days ago. I just took some cuttings of each to root in water. I might have to take more cuttings of the red and silver one I have because it's almost a goner.

woolly Plecttranthus
Variegated Woolly Plectranthus

This is the other plant that has started to lose it's lower leaves. I just did some research and I think it needs full sun or more sun then it was getting. I had it near my sliding doors on my entertainment center and it wasn't doing well. I just put it outside a few moments ago to see if it fairs better. I feel like they should have these light requirements on the tags or make signs or something. Even though I asked I just think they spit out something according to where the plant was situated outside. These two were under some light shade but who knows how long they have been there. I know when I did merchandising we would put plants under conditions they will not do well in the long run but will be fine in the short time until they get sold. I just wish these businesses would better educate their employees or at least put up signs. Some of them do don't get me wrong but others don't. I'm not that angry it was mainly my fault for not doing my normal research when I got home and for not sticking with plants I know.

Wind Chime

I finally found a wind chime I thought was worthy enough to buy. Even though I do like it I don't really love it. I'll probably replace it or just buy another one when I find one that I just swoon over. I've very picky about my wind chimes. I wanted one with a high tinkle or close to high but not one that hurts my ears. I wanted a simple design with no frogs birds bits and baubles on it or handing from it. I wanted a neutral earthy color like dark brown or light beige. Doesn't sound like too much right. Well it took many stores to find this one and I could do without the round Asian bit on top. I do like Asian themed things though but still I could do without it. I had looked at getting a bamboo wind chime because I like the sound of the bamboo it's a low hollow sound but it's not loud. I love the deer chaser fountains and can't wait to get a house just so I can get one.


My LIttle Family: said...

I love the sound of the bamboo windchimes but they never seem to last here in Florida - the line that connects everything always rots on me.

I believe that "shade" is an unbrella term for low-light plants. Usually shade plants are actually partial shade plants as there isn't much that survives in extended darkness.

Lets Plant said...

Great pictures! I like just about anything variegated.

Andrea said...

About the begonia. Just to give you arundown. Begonias are full blown shade. There's so many types of begonias but ALL of them don't need any real light to survive. You could try african violets. They don't need any real sunlight to survive (low light tolerant) but you need to water those from the pot (don't get any water on the leafs becuase then they die). And drainage. Tropical plants like to drain out the water, not sit in their own filth, contrary to popular belief.

Andrea said...

sit in their own filth = dish sitting at the bottom, collecting water. Sorry. Just thought I would clarify

Andrea said...

Oh! ANother thing. Lord, Im doing good here. haha. If a begonia browns, its not enough water (and sometimes too much sun). If a plant yellows, it's too much water (aka Stop watering). Begonias like it a little on the drought side. Not bone-dry but drier than most. I tend to water it, let it dry out and then water it again. TOo much water with a begonia and you'll know because it'll start to rot at the base.

Epipremnum aureum is an awesome, easy plant to grow for tropical (aka indoor) spots and you can go to town with cuttings (for making new plants).

Syngonium podophyllum is another low light plant and also easy to grow in the conditions you're talking about.

Google those two. Guarenteed you've seen them before. Good luck!

Mr Sanguine said...

I like windchimes too. Found some over at Woodstock Chimes.

The site is great as it has audio samples of all their windchimes, makes the buying decision so much easier.

Great site, my wife pointed me to your blog and I'm getting some great tips.