Some come and go...

I'm back from vacation. I would like to say it was a good vacation but I came back home to quite a few dead plants. Sadly my plant keeper/friend didn't go one day and that destroyed many plants and seedlings. Strangely the ones that went were the ones I had moved indoors. You think the plants on the balcony would have fried themselves but they were fine.

The Hibiscus I thought I had lost because it was so severely wilted. But it bounced back after a deep watering. A few things were near death like my crape myrtle and bougainvilleas and I'm sure many more plants. Most of those that were withered bounced back but there were casualties...many. Here is the list on those gone.

-Dimorphotheca aurantiaca 'African Moon'
So withered it just didn't make it. It was my favorite, all planted from seed sown in Feb I think. I have more seeds so I'll try again
-Armeria formosa
Got dried out and just didn't make it
They were past their season but were still looking good.
- Celosia
It hadn't grown for a while but it didn't make it.
-English Lavender Dwarf Hidcote
These were still seedlings. They have just gotten about 4" tall and smelled like lavender. They fried to a crisp
-Nemesia Mello Red and White
This was sad because they really had started to grow but they ended up dried
It didn't do well in the container and just wasn't growing good so I ripped it out. I'll try again with the remaining seeds. I do still have 2 seedlings that are looking good.
This was the giant purple ones. They had lost all their leaves and I got seeds enough seeds from one plant. I still have the smaller ones that are making seeds. It was time for something new
-Venus Poppy
I was so heart broken. This was my second maybe even third time trying to grow poppies from seed. The Venus did well this time, but it got dried out an I thought I had saved it only to accidentally flip the container over and it didn't recover from the disturbance.
- Sweet Peas
They grew great for months then got yellow and just sad looking. I think they didn't like the heat and sun. I got one bloom out of 4 sweet pea plants. Maybe indoors they will do better.
It had lost most of it's leaves but it was doing well and still blooming and making some seed. Came back to twigs and some pods but didn't bother to save them
- Candle stick Plant
Sadly this guy had a hard life. it has some wilted branches and I thought it would make it but soon the whole stem browned.
-Aeonium Kiwi
I cam back to a black mushy thing. I don't know how my succulent died. My computer desk seems to have a curse that any plants I put there will die no matter what I do even when I move them away.

All those are gone now. I repotted the corkscrew vines into the rectangular pots that became free from the dead plants. They were in dire need of some more room to spread their roots. I was surprised they did not die while I was gone. One of them was attacked by something and half of the leaves are chewed. I split the mint in half and stuck it with the knot weed. The mint got really leggy from being in doors. I took out a snake plant from the knotweed pot and put it with the other snakeplants where it belongs. I tossed out the columbine because it had already put out seeds and it was time for something fresh and new. The campanula got hit hard but I think it will make it. When I was leaving the campanula had many buds and had just gotten a bloom. I put some better soil in the parsley and put one of the plants in it's own pot and I should do that with some of the others they are getting crowded. I put the laura bush petunia who also got hit hard by my leave with the corkscrew vine in the large green planter.

Today I went to the garden center and bought some plants to replace the dead ones. I'm not sure how they will do but we'll see. I tried again to find some fine bark chips since the soil conditioner has not been working well. The soil conditioner was shredded bark and I want some pieces. I needed something so I got this bark nuggets and I break them down a bit but it's still a lot of work. Anyways here are the newbies I bought all of them small probably all in 4inch pots. I'm a cheapy and low on doe, I have no problem starting out with small plants.

Just Purchased
Balloon Flower
Plumosa Fern
Torenia-purple pink color
Mexican Heather
Abutilon- a salmon peachy color
Penta- white
Polka Dot Plants- 2 of them one darker the other lighter but both with green and pink
Chenille Plant

I'll try to get pictures in soon and maybe do a memorial for those plants that were lost by my leave.I do hope my new plants will like their new home .I haven't potted them yet, but I will be putting them in spots I think they will be good in and see how they do before planting them in their pots.

By the way I start my internship tomorrow at the wholesale nursery. I think I am just doing paperwork to update my new position. My pay rate got knocked down sadly to I think minimum wage. The good news is that I get experience and the GM asked me if I planned to stay. I told him I would like to but I'm not sure how they would deal with me having a class that meets in the morning on two days of the week. He said they could easily work around that and I could chose to be part time or full time and not to worry about it. So I'm glad I won't be kicked out when I got to school in fall and have to find another job somewhere else.


Element said...

Welcome back!

I had the same problems when I got back. But the squirrels helped to kill mine off. They either eat the seedlings or knocked them over so they wouldn't get watered from the rain. I lost several flame acanthus, turks caps, and several herbs.

If you are still looking for pine bark fines, try landscaping mix. Some of the guys on GardenWeb say that fines come in that mix. I bought several bags of it. It has a mix of peat, pine bark fines and perlite. I will mix that in with the bark nuggets and remove or break down the big ones. You just have to adjust your mix. You still want to have more pine bark then peat. Email me and I explain what happens if you mess up the ratio.

Shala said...

Glad that you enjoyed your vacation, but I'm sorry for all of your losses. Good for you for buying more and giving it another try. We have lost the same type of plants twice now and just planted some more! I will not give up until it works.

Cinj said...

Oh no! Well, I sure hope your vacation was nice otherwise. I'm hoping my plants do alright when I go back to MN. I'm a bit concerned since I don't feel that I know anyone close enough to help me take care of my plants.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Dang, that was not a happy homecoming. Keep at it. The new plants sound great.

Julie said...

Welcome back...glad it was good! Sorry about all your plant deaths...but happy about all your new ones! Your internship sounds great, and it will be nice for it to go into a job for ya!!!

Anna said...

Ok--I see, so the seeds I sent are probably on their way back to me for some reason since you were gone--no telling. I'll resend and you will have more plants to plant. They are all good seeds and I'll even add more goodies.

So sorry about your losses---but I was afraid of that. It's probably good I was so late in getting mine out to you. Now you got more to look forward to and free!!

Good luck at your new job/internship. I'm glad that it turned out good. It's nice to have you back also we missed you.

My new blog is up and running. What a mess that was. Did you update my new e-blogaddy?

Wicked Gardener said...

Welcome back - we missed you! What a bummer. BTW, you yucca are doing very well. I'll post a pick soon.