Fabric of Petals

mt fuji morning glory
Mt. Fuji Morning Glory Lt. Blue

I am always amazed by the blooms of the Mt Fuji Morning Glory. This has been the bloom with the truest color and probably the biggest so far. Previous blooms were more purple, but this time it really was blue. The flower was so big the little vine just tipped over from the weight on the end.

mt fuji morning glory

When I picked up the flopped over vine with the bloom on it there were about 8 ants crawling all in the bloom. I managed to get a few bad shots of some of them. I really liked how the petals looked like fabric. It was just stunning to me. I wish I could have gotten better pictures but I was just not having a good time with the lighting. These are the times I wish I had a great macro lens.

mt fuji morning glory

I have started to build an invisible trellis for this vine. I had thought of putting having it twine up the railing. This was my original plan until I got some winter squash seeds and planted those. Those winter squash will need the railing, I'm sure. So now I have to figure out where to situate the winter squash. I want to put the winter squash were the morning glories are right now. But I have no where else to put the morning glories. I could have them climb up one corner but I have no room to put that pot in that corner. It's the corner by were the storage door opens. If I put the pot there the door will not open all the way and I won't be able to move it once the vines get going up the trellis. So I might just put the winter squash to the left of the morning glories so they cross in a section then go their separate ways. The morning glories will go towards the wall and the winter squash will go on the railing creeping it's way towards the corkscrew vine. I'm a vine addict and just bought way to many vining things for my own good.

For those that do not know what an invisible trellis is I am more than glad to inform you. It's just a trellis using fishing line. That is what makes it invisible. Normally you would run the fishing line vertically but since I have no ladder Mine will be horizontal and I hope that works out just as well. I'll probably add fishing line vertically but I'll have to attach it to the horizontal fishing line instead of attaching it to an eye screw. I got 2 eye screws in right now. I stopped putting them in today because I noticed the morning glories have spider mites .I don't want to put the screws in and the fishing line if the morning glories won't make it there.


Niels Plougmann said...

What beautiful Morning glories. You captured it so well. I only grow star of Yelta. Thanks for tip about the fishing line - a great way to use the old lines from my fishing reels.

Andrea said...

Wow, that is an awesome picture, not to mention, a beautiful plant. I should get some of that variety in the greenhouse, or ask a grower to grow it. Wow. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures -
Thanks for the visit.
An Artists Garden

Lori said...

Oh, that blue is spectacular. I'm going to have to plant morning glories again next year. Last year's reseeded themselves in strange colors of pink and violet, but they don't compare to the larger, more vibrant blue ones.

Does your camera have a flower setting? I've found that my crappy camera's pictures got a ton better when I started messing with the flower setting, which lets you really focus your close-ups.