Container planting planning

With the weather being cold and grey and some of my plants starting to fade I have looked to brighter things. I have started to think of what I want next year in my containers. What I have for this year I got so late they hardly had any time to grow. Most of what I have is type of plant per container. There are a few that I did some group plantings. I will have to wait until next spring to see if they will look good when grown out.
One site I loved all the plants! Proven Winners has such great selections but I was sad to learn that you can only purchase from retailers. There are retailers near me but the chances I find all these will be very unlikely. It was only after I had put all my combinations together that I discovered it would be rare for me to get them.

This combinations is Black Mondo Grass and African Daisy Sunny Sheila. I love this combo so very much. If I could only get one I would get this. So far I have not found any site that sells Sunny Sheila. I would love to find maybe even another daisy with similar colors or even not a daisy.

cinararia and perilla
This is a Cineraria Senetti Magenta Bicolor and Perilla Magilla. I like Cineraris and feel it would bring out the pinks in the Perilla. Too bad it won't happen tear.

coral bell verbena and pansey
Here we have Coral BVells Dolce Mocha Mint, Verbena Superbena Large lilac blue, and Pansy Violina. I love this combinations so much. Oh the frosty purples are to die for. This combination I might just be able to make.

phlox plectranthus verbena
I love the saturated look of these combinations. I'm a sucker for the bright yellow/green and the bright pinks. This is Dwarf Garden Phlox flame pink, Plectranthus Troys Gold, and Verbena Temari White. I know for sure I can make this happen. There is always phlox online or in the garden center. I'm sure I can find some bright yellow/green foliage plant. And if I can't find verbena I know I can fin some white flowering plants.

rice flower and oxalis
Lastly the Pink Rice Flower and Copper Tones Oxalis. I was so excited about this combination. Once a few months back I saw in a blog this awesome Oxalis. It had these amazing colors and here it is on Proven Winners. I can only wish I could find this combination

For some reason I didn't make a picture of one combination. Woodspurge Efanthis, Twinspur Flying Colors Coral, and Babylon Red Verbena. After my disappointment I decided to try again with a site I knew I could buy from. I went to Bluestone Perennials and found some things I really liked but I was still hooked on what I saw on Proven Winners. I did make photos of what I wanted to do with the plants I found from Bluestone Perennials but my computer froze before I saved all my hard work. Here is the list anyways.

Bergenia bressingham ruby
dianthus deltoides zing rose pink maiden

achillea walter fnke yarrow
arenaria verna aurea

heuchera amber waves
sedum vera jameson

heuchera x brizoides plum pudding
veronica + blue reflection
gypsophilia repens roea

lamium beedhams white
phlox subulat artic dark pink

geranium rozanne cranesbill
aster novi belgii snow cushion
viola mandshurica fuji dawn

Sorry for any typos my handwritten is a horror to read.


snappy said...

I have a smapp pot of Black grass, your combination looks lovely with the African Daisys.I will muse over the winter about what to plant with the Black grass.Its a dwarf grass so it will be great for under planting!
You have been busy with combinations and internet shopping Vanillalotus :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love that combi with the black grass, I use it in pots too as it goes with almost anything! You're really making great colour combinations here!