Green Thumb Sunday

peat pots
All the little peat pots standing in a row.

There hasn't been much growing drastic growth lately. I have a few things that have surprising started new growth that I took for no good.

I love to grow seeds. To me it is the most gratifying experience. When I start I get carried away. It all started with 1 seed package and 1 little peat pot. Now there are 12 peat pots with little seedlings.

Every night I take my seedlings inside because the 40 degree temps make them wilt. I'd rather be safe then sorry. In my pots I have godetia, pansies, candytuft, corkscrew vine, Mt. Fuji morning glories, coral vine, peony poppy mix, venus poppy, and mint.

I have a green thumb for peat pots. Everything I put in a peat pot that is seed just jets up. When I put seeds in real pots they just don't like to grow.

Green Thumb Sunday

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

I wanted to add that the first plant in the Greens and Pinks post is a Tri-color Dracaena (Dracaena marginata)

Muum said...

Do you have to worry about frosts? When will you plant out your starts?

Ki said...

I hate the actually potting and planting of the seeds but love to see them grow. You seem to be in production.

Vanillalotus said...

digital- Thank you for identifying that plant for me. It provided nice information. Thank goodness I was giving it the right light and water.

muum- Here in San Antonio our first frost is in the middle/end of november and our last frost is in early March. We don't have a very long winter which makes me happy to be able to plant more. I will start to plant my seeds in january and february. I'm really trying to stick to when they are supposed to be planted instead of when I want to plant them.

Ki- I love potting and planting. How about I do your potting and planting and you can maintain. all of mine and yours. Deal. These seeds are ones I started about a month ago. I'm trying to not plant anything right now, but it's so hared to fight the urge.