Growing Herbs and Kiling Cactuses

Kasha and Sweet Basil
Kasha smelling the Sweet Basil

I'm going to start off on the good note. Daily I obsessively check for any new growth. New growth makes me extremely happy. While checking as usual once I get to the herbs the pup starts sniffing. Her favorite is the chocolate mint. I'll rub the leaves and she's just stand there and sniff at it then sniff my fingers.

While she was sniffing I noticed my Sweet Basil has bunched up new growth over the last few weeks. Every day I look I it I swear I see more little leaves on the tip. The new Chocolate Mint loves it's spot and has been growing and put out new leaf buds. The Lemon Balm went through a struggling phase. It looks much better today and new leaves are coming out.

Now for the killing.

Night Blooming Cereus
Night Blooming Cereus cuttings

I've mentioned before I don't really like cactus. My mother had them and I was fine with them. But I knew when I got a cactus I would kill it some how. The Night Blooming Cereus cutting the old women gave me have been rotting. When I checked on them today I saw they were starting to rot under the ground. I pulled them up and cut off the rotted portion. I'm letting the cutting heal over before I repot them again. The unknown succulent and the cereus will be moved indoors for hope of better results. My balcony receives too much sun for them. The old women had them on her shaded porch so I don't think they like my bright afternoon sun.

I just have to say this. I've been job hunting and of course looking for a great plant/garden related position. After calling and visiting every garden center, interior plantscaping, landscaping business with no avail I gave up. While doing my daily online job search yesterday I saw plant technician. Of course I called and asked them to find my application and sign me up for that. The owner is not sure if he really wants anyone for that position right now but maybe for spring. They are conducting interviews next week. I really hope they decide they do need the position and need me. Ha I wish.

Also in gardening work news. I finally got a call back from the San Antonio Botanical Gardens about volunteering. I'll be going in on Saturday to get started. I hope I get to do the plant propagation greenhouse helper. I love plant propagation! On Saturday the Botanical Gardens will be having a Fall Garden Fair. I'm dragging the husband of course and my camera.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Lots of success with finding a paying job in gardening, for the mean time it is a great idea to do volunteer jobs in gardening so that you can gain lots of experience!

Herbs are such fun too grow inside the house. I have several on my kitchen windowsill.

Have a great weekend!

Layanee said...

I am also here to wish you good luck with the job hunt. Picture it and it will happen! It can't hurt to do that anyway can it!? Love the basil sniffing pup.

Ki said...

Good luck at the fair and the job hunt. I have no experience growing cactus and succulents from cuttings but I found two jade plant leaves sprouting tiny leaves and roots in a basement window when we moved into the house and they've turned out to be wonderful house plants now. I wonder if you just laid the cereus leaf section on the dirt without actually sticking it in if it wouldn't form roots at the lobes? Our dog loves to sniff all kinds of animal things but not plants.

MrBrownThumb said...

Good luck with the job hunt and with your cuttings.

Vanillalotus said...

yolanda- I'm excited to gain more experience. I like all the herbs I am growing so far. I haven't grown inside yet because I don't think I have adequate lighting for them to grow well. Thank you for the best wishes

layanee- thank you for wishing me luck. I've been picturing it and hope I really do get a plant type job. The pup normal eats everything on the ground so I like the sniffing pup and not the eating pup.

ki- Thank you for good luck. I'll have to try that method next time.

mrbrownthumb- Thank you for dropping by and wishing me luck on job and cutting.

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