Euphorbia Punicea

Euphorbia Gymnonota

This is one of the unique plants that we have at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. I never noticed it the first time I went there several months back. Right now it is blooming and looks great. I've read that it blooms all year round but I'm not sure if ours does too. Many people that come in ask what it is and greatly want one. It's a large woody shrub or small tree it gets 12-15 feet high. Ours is the size of a tree. It lives in zone 10b-11.

The Euphorbia Punicea originated from Jamaica.  This plant is tolerant of salt and drought. It needs full sun and likes dry, poor, sandy well drained soil. The plant is poisonous to mammals.

I didn't know what this tree/shrub was called until Monday. Everyone kept on asking me what is this tree. I asked Yolanda and she said Euphorbia. Well of course I went home and research because I really thought Euphorbia was a cactus. It took me forever to find what we had because there is so little information on it. It is for sure the Euphorbia Punicea. There is a similar smaller shrub that is a Euphorbia Gymnonota and I thought this was it but now (2013) seems there is far more information out on this plant there there were years ago. The Euphorbia Puniceahas such a special shape to it's leaves and flowers that there was no doubt.

Something I learned that I never knew before is.... Poinsettias are Euphoribas. Poinsettia pulcherrima to be exact. There will be Poinsettia planting at the botanical gardens on the 16th. I'll be there for sure.


Connie said...

That's a beautiful and intricate looking flower! What a nice place to hang out, surrounded by plants... and learn at the same time. :-)

Annie in Austin said...

The East coast garden bloggers have posted lots of Euphorbias, including that one with the cute name, "Hearts A-Bursting With Love". They're all interesting and look a little alike, but yours is really colorful, Vanillalotus.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Layanee said...

Love that Euphorbia. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job! Lots to see all the time I'll bet! I am catching up after three days of no internet. Gremlins!

Vanillalotus said...

connie- yes they are so very detailed and unique. I love learning about the plants at the gardens they are so intersting.

annie- I have seen all the euphorbia posts. It's so strange how they are so different from one another.

layanee- I wish this was my job at the botanical gardens. I'm currently just volunteering to get some hands on experience.

Storm said...

This looks like Jamaica's E. punicea, not the Bahamian
E. gymnonota

Barry said...

Yes, those are Euphorbia punicea bracts and flowers.