Then and Now Dianthus Pinnocchio

Another one of the sorry looking Hazzard's Greenhouse plants that I received in Early October of this year. I totally forgot that it is now almost 2 months that I have had these plants.
I previously planted some dianthus seeds but none grew from the whole package, not a single sprout. I gave up temporarily on the seeds and just bought a plant. These were very spindly and long and wimpy looking. With some love and care here is then

clematis and dianthus pinnochio
Dianthus Pinocchio the first day I got it.

dianthus early november
The Dianthus early in november

dianthus now
This is my Dianthus now.

Dianthus Now
and now

Dianthus Pinnocchio now
Dianthus all grown now!


Ki said...

Great looking plants! Can't wait to see what the flowers look like.

Julie said...

What a great series of photos to show the progression of growth! They turned out so nice and healthy looking!!!