Green Thumb Sunday Sweet Basil

Here is another then and now. I purchase a sweet basil plant yet again from Hazzards Greenhouse

Sweet Basil the Day it Arrived

New Growth

Reaching Higher and Higher

Starting to Flower

I'm starting to wish I had let is set seed. I didn't though, I pinched it back. It has filled out more and looks much healthier now. When I receive it the leaves were rather yellow and sad looking. There were tons of ants where there were flowers. I love the nice herbal smell of the leaves. I used a few in some spaghetti sauce yesterday. I didn't really notice a distinct flavor but I'm shy with new herbs. My fingers smelt like the sweet basil for the rest of the night though even after washing vigorously.

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Layanee said...

What is better than the scent of basil on your fingertips? Love that smell!

Anonymous said...

I have a video of sweet basil taken with time lapse video over a 24hr period. Tell me what you think.