Wordless Wednesday



snappy said...

Love the Cactus.some of them almost look blue.I sold my Cactus at the Walton flower stall.I feel I want to buy a cactus or two for new windowsills to see If I can make them flower!
Are these your cactus or from the botanic garden?

Ki said...

The photo loaded very slowly. For the first ten seconds or so there was no picture so I thought you had a very wicked sense of humor and posted nothing for wordless Wed. ;) Don't know why Blogger is taking so long to load the photo. It's been more than a minute and I see only about 1/4" of the very top of the photo.

Vanillalotus said...

Thank you snappy. The view cactus really are blue. I don't know what they are officially called I should go and really try to look at the names. They are from the botanical gardens. I have no room for these for these cactus's are HUGE as tall as me and I am 5'2"

Ki- I'm sorry you are having trouble loading the photo. Blogger has been loading fine for me. It'll keep you in suspense.