Antigonon leptopus

Antigonon leptopus is called many things including coral vine, chinese love vine, bridal wreath, mexican creeper, confederate vine, corallita, queens jewels, chain-of-love, coral bells, heart on a chain, mountain rose, and sandwich island creeper. It's a lovely climbing vine with clusters of trailing pink flowers. Like many of the plants I like the flowers are really small but the sepals are larger and provide the color. It has large dark green heart shaped leaves. It's hardy in zones 8-11 but dies back in zone 8 (That's me!). It can get up to 40 feet high. The most important thing, it can tolerate drought and likes full sun.

Coral Vine
Here is my coral vine seedling. I planted it a few months ago.

I got 5 seeds of coral vine a few months ago and planted them right away. It hasn't been a fast grower as it is still small after about 3 months or even 4 of being planted. I'd like to believe it's just slow but it's probably a soil issue. When I started planting all my seedling I used a soil that a garden center suggested me. It has pine chips and what not in it but not a lot of perlite. It holds far too much moisture and I think it has killed or stunted all the seeds I planted in it. My real concern is since it hasn't grown big enough I don't know if it will live through the die back. I'm thinking of digging up the 4 seedlings and putting them into peat pots inside. Anyone have suggestions?

I'm sure everyone is curious about the african violets I was to pick up yesterday. Well I went to go get them but couldn't find the house. I was on the right little road but just couldn't find the number. The African Violets got taken by someone else yesterday before I could go try to pick them up again today. At least they got a good home. Next time I'll have to ask for more specifics before I go out just to make sure I find the house and get what I want.

The interview went okay too but I'm not sure I want the job. You work 10 hours a day Monday through Saturday. You can potentially work up to 60 hours a week! That's a lot of working. It's basically just putting up Christmas trees and decor in hotels and malls etc. Not sure it's what I want to do. But the thing is it's a company I want to work with (Interior plant design). They mentioned if I wanted to work with them after the season is over depending on if they have an open spot and like how I work. Finding jobs stinks I would rather just garden.


Ki said...

Coral vines are tropical aren't they? Will you keep them indoors when it gets cold? It looks like your plant suffers from chlorosis which can be due to many conditions including poor drainage, too much alkalinity, or lack of nutrients esp. iron, maganese or zinc.

I've had very bad experience with the new type of potting soil which contains a lot of bark and mulch and very little soil. I see those time release fertilizer BBs in the mix so I guess this is supposed to make up for the lack of nutrients in the mix. I would probably replant the seedlings in some better soil.

60 hours a weeks sounds like pure hell unless they're paying you a lot of money.

Vanillalotus said...

Ki- Yes I do believe coral vines are tropical. I have dug up 1 seedling and put it in a peat pot with my new soil mixture. I'm going to see if there is any change in color and growth. Depending on how it does I might did up another one and let the other too outside to see if they live. I'm not sure if the soil mix I used had fertilizer bb's in it I'll have to read the bag and see what is really in the mix.

Yes 60 hours is a lot! And it's not that much but you do get overtime pay. I don't think I would be happy with that job.

lisa said...

Anything that interferes with gardening sucks, but especially work! I just started on 4, 10 hour shifts, and the extra day off is awesome. I'd rather not have to work at all, not that I'm lazy-just wanna do my fun stuff, y'know? It has always been my contention that quality individuals like myself should be paid for walking the earth-period. (Yea, I know...good luck with all that! ;-)