Hyacinth Bean

There is a fellow apartment dweller who has hyacinth bean. Her vine is HUGE. I'm not sure if she planted it or if it just by her balcony. Every time I go by I can't tell if it's growing from a pot or not. I'm been admiring it whenever I pass by while walking the dog. Last month it was covered in flowers and fresh beans. I took 2 cuttings but both I don't think will make it. I've been keeping an eye out for the beans to dry so I can snatch some. And well....

been pods
here are the pods all nice and dry. I took 3 since it's not my vine I feel guilty taking more.

Now I'm excited to try and plant my own. I have a goal to make my balcony covered in vines. I love vines and love the way they look when covering buildings. Currently the vines I have are corkscrew, Mt. Fuji morning glory, Dr. Ruppel clematis, coral vine, and I just got split personality morning glory seeds. So I'll have many vines climbing up and hopefully coving all the wire bar railing. I'm not sure if the clematis will make it but I'll be waiting for it to grow.

hyacinth bean
These are hyacinth bean seeds.

Hyacinth bean vine is a native to Texas. I'm hoping I can give it what it needs to thrive. I'll plant the seeds at the end of February.



lisa said...

Best of luck with those! I sprouted one, but too late for it to thrive this year. I see other bloggers growing these sucessfully, though.

Gardenista said...

Wow, I've never even heard of hyacinth bean, but my climate is a lot different from yours. I saw your comment on Snappy's blog about growing edibles indoors. I am having luck with chili peppers, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, lettuce, miniature tomatoes, lemongrass, and watercress indoors under fluorescent lights. I have pictures of these on my blog, because the outdoors stuff has already met winter and isn't so interesting anymore.

snappy said...

I have never heard of a Hyacinth bean but i love the Yin Yang colours. Good luck in growing them indoors!

Vanillalotus said...

lisa- thank you for the best wishes. I'll be planting them in February or March to make sure I don't start them too early. I'm known to be impatient and start seeds early.

Gardenista- Thank you for stopping by. I'll need to try some veggies and stop being a scaredy cat.

Snappy- I was surprised to see that the seeds looked that way. I can't wait to see if they grow. It's a very interesting vine with bright purple seed pods and little light purple blooms.

Ki said...

We planted some hyacinth bean one year but it didn't do well. I've seen really beautiful examples of the bean though so I don't know what we did wrong. Good luck with your beans.

Christa said...

Those hyacinth beans are one of my favorite plants for the garden. Hummingbirds love their flowers. I've found them very easy to grow here in our zone 7, and some of them re-seeded over the winter.

Good luck with them!