I'm surprised how my plants have started to take off. Everyday I see more growth. My evening prime rose has bloomed again by surprise. I'm really starting to like that weed. I'll save everyone another photo of it since I've posted some many in the previous posts.

Yesterday I bought my husband a Minerva Amaryllis. Funny how I say I bought my husband it because you know that I really wanted one for myself. But I put it on his computer desk for him to watch grow and flower. I don't normally get plants from Lowe's. Not that there is anything wrong with them. My ivies came from Lowe's and now this amaryllis. And for anyone wondering yes it is the one in the box but I am sure it will grow either way.

I'm supposed to be getting my box of 10 daylilies today. I'm nervous I don't know where I'm going to put them all. I need to go out and buy another planter since I know they won't all fit in what I have. Any planter sales around?

In an effort to make fall come faster I made a charm. I don't know what I'll use it for but I needed some fall in my life.

fall charm


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful charm, how did you make it? Your ivies look happy and healthy!

Dawn said...

That is a pretty charm, Vanillalotus! And your baby plants are doing well. Thank you for stopping by my site. I love your blog photos. :-)

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Vanillalotus,

Your GWeb post on Texas blogs linked here - you're learning about gardening pretty fast for a new gardener.

I had a Minerva and some other amaryllis and was able to rebloom them by putting them outside in sprin/summer, then bringing them in for winter. Then two years ago I planted them outside. San Antonio is so much warmer - maybe you can keep yours on the balcony all year?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Vanillalotus said...

Thank you everyone for the comments.

I made the charm with some leave buttons that I got from a walmart earlier this year. I just used some jewelry tools to twist up some wire and attached it to a ring. I gave it away to a customer that bought some stitch markers from me.

Dawn, I visit your blog often along with everyone elses. Thank you for you comment about my photos.

Annie, I'm trying to learn as much as I can . I love researching and learning about new things. I'm applied to go to school in January for Horticulture so I like to get as much hands on experience as possible. I currently have my amaryllis on my balcony. I generally try to keep most everything outside unless I see it suffering from the heat.

Kylee said...

You have wonderful photos on your blog, Vanillalotus! And the charm is really pretty!