New Sprouts!!

Planting seeds and seeing little sprouts is what got me into gardening. I love the feeling when i see the first sign of a plant growing. It's so fragile at that phase that every watering I feel my heart clench. That's leads to today! I planted some seeds about a week ago in some 2inch peat pots. I potted panseys, mint, godetia, candytuft, sweet william, peony poppy mix, and venus poppy.

peat pots

So today I saw godetia has a sprout and peony poppy mix had several little ones about to break through. Yesterday the shiba Kasha stayed on the balcony without my supervision and decided to knock over venus poppy's pot and eat some of the dirt. I hope that venus poppy still grows. Today while sweeping the balcony so Kasha doesn't lick up everything on the ground I knocked over Peony Poppy Mix!!! Some of the new sprouts got moved but I hope they find they're strong hold again.


peony poppy mix
peony poppy mix

The bougainvillea is still about to bloom. The flower buds are getting bigger everyday. I wish there were more blooms like when I purchased the plants. Apparently I must have done something wrong since the flowers fell off a few days later and only a few are coming back. Maybe I have to trim it down some so it can grow new and make more flowers. I have cutting/pruning anxiety. The thought of it makes me nervous. I don't know how to attack it without killing it.



I believe it's the Candytuft that has started to flower. I planted pampas grass, candytuft, godetia, and sweet william all in the same planter 3 months ago. I never bothered to plant each seed separately like now to know the difference between them. So based on what the flowers are coming out as I believe my candytuft is producing white flowers!


The hyacinth bean vine cutting that I took has opened up some flowers over the past few days. I'm waiting for the vine but one of the apartments to dry it's pods. But while I wait for the seed pods to dry I decided a cutting would be good.

hyacinth bean

The alamo vine cutting bud is also starting to open. I have seeds for the alamo vine I just need to plant them. A gardener on davesgarden wanted a trade for the alamo vine seeds. So I will be sending some of those out soon and getting verbena as a trade. I need to remind myself to plant the alamo vine seeds. Plant the seeds this is a reminder.

alamo vine

It's gotten dark out and looks like some rain is coming. Poor mower man is out today so he'll probably get rained on. My husband will probably get rained on too if he is watching the mowers on base today but I think that's on wednesdays.

Kasha my Shiba Inu puppy!

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Cute pup and your hyacinth bean vine is very pretty with the purple stems.