Say Hello To My Friend


I almost touched this little guy a few days ago. I was checking on my seeds and moved the peat pot next to it. Surprisingly he let me get very close without flying towards my face. Considering all I have is pots on a balcony I find a lot of bug friends.



Things are still flowering! I feel more like it's spring then fall. It's strange how the weather is lately but it has been getting cooler. It's still hot enough that I can go swimming and attempt to tan my legs. My bougainvillea is flowering like crazy! Candytufts are opening and the seedling are growing far faster than any other seeds.

candytuft seedlings
Candytuft seedling are rapidly growing!

White Candytuft
Everyday I see more flowers on this white Candytuft.

Purple Candytuft
This is a new flowering Candytuft. I'm hoping this one stays more purple and not white. The seed mix I bought was pink and white. I have yet to see any pinks.

Speaking of seeds I received some seeds in the mail yesterday. I got some free corkscrew vine seeds from a very kind person. My corkscrew vine seeds I previously planted 3 months ago all grew but have come down with something. They had black powdery stuff all on the leaves and no matter what I did it never went away. My leaves eventually started to yellow and get so weak and fragile. I plucked away all the seeds and stopped watering them as much to see if they would fight for their right in the pots. They have started growing new tiny leaves but I think their soil is the culprit. I'll be cleaning out their pots and mixing a new soil. Then I'll pot them back in with the new seeds I got from the friendly lady from gardenweb. Along with the corkscrew vine seeds I got some morning glory seeds. They are Mount Fuji Morning Glories. I can't wait to get the morning glories growing.


Layanee said...

What was that creature? Nice sprouts though and who doesn't love candytuft?

Vanillalotus said...

I'm not for sure but it looked like a black wasp.