Sooo, I got my order yesterday from Hazzard's Greenhouse. Lets just say I was a bit stunned with what I received. In general I could have been happier. This is what I ordered:
sweet basil- This was probably the best looking plant of the bunch I received, no problems with this one.

sweet basil

Lemon Balm-The leaves were dark on the edges but nothing that big of a deal.
Lemon Balm

Invincible Hosta-First off this was a substitute. I never received an email saying that they were going to sub. Not really mad about it. At least they subed with a hosta that had the same growing conditions as the one I wanted. The thing is after I received this box I looked at The Garden Watchdog. Someone who ordered got an email for a substitution, I would have like the same. The big BUMMER!!!! The leaves are raided with holes! Seriously I wouldn't have sold this to anyone. I understand a few I know bugs attack but seriously this is bad. I'm sure it will still grow but it made me wilt in a bad way.
invincible hosta

Chocolate Chip Ajuga
- The ajuga looked healthy no beefs.
chocolate chip ajuga

Astilbe Mix- These are sticks! No leaves nothing. No fallen leaves either so they purposely sent me sticks. This better grow or else.

Dr, Ruppel Clematis and Dianthus Pinocchio- The clematis came fine nothing wrong with it. Now the Dianthus. These just flop over as you can see. I was a little confused with the Dianthus but they looked healthy besides the flop.
clematis and dianthus

Armeria Joystick Mix, Columbine Blue Star, and Campanula Dark Blue Clips - These weren't bad! The Armeria was a surprise plant.
campanula, columbine, and armeria

That was my shipment from Hazzard's. They aren't that bad I guess. They look better today after my initial shock. I don't really want to complain. I'll let them grow and hope for the best.


Ki said...

I've had many disappointments too, buying plants by mail order. Some pull through but others just wither away or already withered in the container in transit! Some companies do better than others.

lisa said...

Hopefully your TLC will resurrect them...I get mixed results with mailorder, too. My best result this past season was Autumn Ridge Nursery, strictly based on price vs. quantity and condition of plants. They sent me multiples of everything I ordered, as many as 5! The plants were bareroot, and all grew very well. Only a couple died off later, but since I got several of each, I have no complaints at all! And shipping was $6.50 for any size order. Anyhow, good luck with your new friends!