Hopes and Problems

Lately I've been concerned with the well being of my daylilies. I received 3 fans of random daylilies from an ebay seller. I planted them the next day. I thought there was sufficient drainage but now I'm questioning it. I haven't watered in a week and the soil is still moist, even on the surface. I have a post up on gardenweb so hopefully I get some reassurance that the soil is okay. I just thought it would be good I added a ton of perlite and peat so it should have adequate drainage. I did notice today a new leaf on a daylily.

daylily dirt
This is the daylily dirt. Why are you so moist?

Daylily Leaf
A New Daylily leaf right out the middle!

My husband got me into playing counter strike with him. Now we can play online together. He's proud that now I want to play. I tried to get him into gardening with me and let him pick out some seeds. He chose pansies and planted them. They sprouted some leaves but only a few. They got a new little set of leaves in the pot that he planted but he still is disapointed in them. I planted some in a small peat pot in hopes they will grow better and we can try again in that container with some different soil. The ones in the peat pot have yet to sprout it's only been a few weeks though. It seems like the mint and pansies I bought that day were duds because neither like to sprout.

Pansy Sprout

Today while watering I discovered another possible Candytuft about to flower!
Candytuft Flower

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jodi said...

Hi Priscilla: Daylilies are really tough, and yours should be okay. I don't know anything about gardening in San Antonio (Texas?) but if you have doubts about the soil your plants were in, I'd lift the fans (the daylily plants you bought), wash all the soil off them and repot or replant in sterile potting mixture. They don't need to be overwatered--those fleshy roots hold quite a bit of moisture which is one reason daylilies can be transplanted at just about any time of the gardening season without suffering unduly. The fact that new foliage is appearing is a good sign. Later, as there get to be more and more new green leaves, you can trim off the dead foliage if you wish. I'm sure they will be fine.