Invisible Frost?

This morning I woke up later than normal. When I went to go water my seedling and plants I noticed something. All my seedlings were wilted over. Did they get too cold or did frost attack them. I was so concerned especially about my candytuft and morning glories! My candytuft seedling have been doing so well. When I saw them they were all down on the dirt and had some purple leaves. My Morning Glories were wilted and sad looking. I watered them as usual and hoped when I came back later they would be better.
And they were. I'm not sure what really happened to them but it was cold last night when Hubby and I walked Kasha.

Mt. Fuji Morning Glories
These are my Mt. Fuji Morning Glory seedlings. Aren't they so cute. This is what I love about big seeds. Big seeds make big seedlings.

Corckscrew Vine
My Corkscrew Vine seedlings didn't have any effect from the cold or frost. I hope these fair better than my past seedlings.


Rosehaven Cottage said...

I like big seeds for the same reason! Big seedlings seem so cool to me. Thanks for dropping by our blog and for the great comments. I'm going to be adding you to my Technorati favorites so I'll be back by often. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Connie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your Morning glory sprouts look nice and healthy...can you grow these year round in Texas or do you plan to have them indoors?

Vanillalotus said...

Rosehaven- Thank you for stopping by and adding me to your list. I love reading your blog.

Connie- I'm not sure if I have to move my morning glories inside. We don't have bad frosts here. I have read you can plant morning glories in zone 8 all year round. But if I see them in danger I'll move them inside. Right now they are in a peat pot.

Ki said...

Isn't it too late to sprout the morning glory seedlings? San Antonio must be warmer that I ever thought.

Vanillalotus said...

I sprouted mine early I know. I don't really pay attention. I've read several different things on when to plant morning glories in zone 8. I have been keeping my sprouts outside until next month when frost is supposed to come. But I'll be moving most inside just to make sure I don't lose them.

snappy said...

I love seedlings growing, especially big ones. I grew morning glorys before and they were slow growing, then after weeks they shot up the arch and totally covered it.Are the seedlings going to live inside over the winter?
I have had a lot of seedlings just wilt and die this year.They are so fragile that any soil lurking fungus can kill them off.If they can grow a few leaves they normally do okay!