Where's your head at?


I've fallen into the new gardener trap of buying plants with nowhere to put them. I ordered some plants from Hazzard's Greenhouse. Who can resist a sale right? But I forgot that I have 10 Daylilies coming from Gilbert H wild. What will I do with all these plants? I made a list of everything and where I can put them with possible backups but it still may not work.

My seeds are still growing. I have been monitoring them everyday of course. The ones with the most speed right now are the pansies, peony poppy mix, and candytuft. I took cuttings from my curly locks ivy. They were getting out of control plus I want more.

curly locks

My begonia indoors is doing well. While the outdoor begonias are not. The daylilies are getting more leaves and the bougainvillea is still going strong.



jodi said...

Ah, there's always room for more new plants in any garden! One of my dearest friends declares each spring she has No. More. Room. for any plants, yet she always manages to find space, and to rearrange combinations that she doesn't really think are working. It's part of the fun of gardening, so relax, and remember: there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments!

lisa said...

Are you telling us that Hazzard's is a hazard? Hahahahaha....oh....sorry. I'm with you regarding ravenous plant collecting, it goes nearly continuously with me. Some years are more "consuming" than others (pun intended, of course ;-)

Vanillalotus said...

Hazzards is a hazzard. I haven't ordered from them before so I don't know if there product is good. I'm sure things come in small pots for only 5.00 or less, or seedling form. So along with the low prices everything was half off and you got double whatever perennials you ordered. Oh it sounds baddd.