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My candytuft is purple!! So now I have white pink and purple. I noticed alot of little ants in them. I'm going to research and see if what they are doing.

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snappy said...

Do they smell scented your candytufts? Ants love sweet nectar so maybe they are carrying some away with them.I saw photos of Paeonies and wandered if they needed the ants to flower properly?A symbiotic relationship.Its a nice cool colour on your Candytuft.I must try to grow some next year.

Muum said...

that is a wonderful color. Maybe there are aphids hanging around, with ant 'farmers' tending them.

Vanillalotus said...

Snappy- I haven't smelled my candytufts. They have little ants on them I might get one in my nose if I smell! ha. Candytuft are easy to grow. Mine pop up really fast and flower in just a few months. I know that ants are needed for corkscrew vine to set seed.

Muum- Thank you for stopping by. Yes they have very pretty colors. I haven't seen any aphids yet just little ants all under the flower petals.