Caught the Cold Bug

I think this bug I saw yesterday brought the cold! Just yesterday I was looking at the weather and everything said 70s and some 60s. Today I woke up to loud wind. I popped right out of bed in fear that my little peat pots where blown over. They were still standing strong, but I moved them inside. It was freezing out, 46 degress. Right now it's 54 degrees out with a 17mph wind. This is the coldest it has been so far. I'm sure my husband will be happy he loves the cold. The rest of the week is saying lows in the high 40's low 50's.

Leaf Footed Bug
Leaf Footed Bug

I saw this guy outside yesterday. He was huge! I've never seen this type of bug before so of course I had to take a picture. I was curious and needed to know what it was. I went searching for beetles first. I'm no bug expert but I'm good at finding things on the internet no matter what it is. So my beetle search didn't produce anything but I was led by something called true bugs. True bugs are often confused with beetles. My search of true bugs led me to one picture with no specific name of the bug. So I kept digging for true bugs in Texas. And I found him the Leaf Footed Bug. I love searching for what something is. I just feel so accomplished when I find the perfect match.

Leaf Footed Bugs do damage to plants but mostly veggies. The damage they cause is similar to stink bug damage. I don't know what stink bug damage looks like. I didn't see any damage on any of my plants so what I had must not have been appetizing. Leaf Footed bugs molt several times as they grow and they stink like stink bugs when handled.

Enough with bugs. I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm excited about he job interview but I'm more excited about after the interview. I found on feecycle someone giving away 4 african violets. So I emailed and I get to pick them up tomorrow. Lets see if I can do my first plant revival. The post said that they were just leggy and in need of a home with better light. I have some ideas of where I can put them.


snappy said...

Hi Vanillalotus, Good luck with your job interview.Our comments are flying across the Atlantic at a rate of knots!I love the feeling of identifying something you photographed after google image search.I did that yesterday with the weed flower.Trying to find a photo that looked like mine!
Its quite a big bug you photographed.It sounds like you had a bit of a grasshopper plague if you were crunching them underfoot.
I hope you can nurture the African violets.I left all mine in Castleford.I have the urge to buy one now!Hope you photograph the plants.Freecycle sounds like a cool site!

Kylee said...

Good luck with your job interview!

I love researching things on the internet, too, and sometimes other people ask me to do it for them, because they know I won't stop until I find what I'm looking for. The best part of doing that is all the other stuff you learn along the way!

Pam/Digging said...

The cold came through Austin on its way to San Antonio. Yea, fall!

I found your blog via a comment you left at Ledge and Gardens. Not long ago I posted about the San Antonio Botanical Garden (http://www.penick.net/digging/?p=329), and I was wondering if there were any San Antone garden bloggers out there. I'm glad to finally find one.

Ki said...

Yow, looks like a cricket with a stinkbug body! Someone mentioned the What's that bug! website and I use it frequently to identify bugs. Here's a link for many kinds of leaf footed bugs.

Good luck on your interview. Hope you get the job.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Now that is a big bug!!

kari & kijsa

rusty in miami said...

I’ll trade you our hot weather for 50 and 60 temperature. That is a nasty looking bug. Good luck with your job interview

Vanillalotus said...

Thank you everyone for the best wishes on my interview.
Snappy-We comment fast on each others blogs but that' just because I'm a computer addict. Yes it was a plague of crickets it was never ending for 2 months. Get an african violet!

Kylee- Others ask me to research too since I have a better time than them finding the right information. They would make fun or me at work when they mentioned something and I had to research because I was curious.

Pam- I haven't seen any other san antonio garden bloggers. Maybe there are more out there but just hidden. Austin seems to have a lot of garden bloggers.

Ki- Thank you for that link. I've gone to that site several times before also.

Kari and Kijsa - That's what I said when I saw it. I came running in side to tell my husband.

Rusty- I like warm weather. I seem to always be too hot or too cold. But I'll take the 90 degree weather right now and then switch back when I get too hot.

lisa said...

Heh...when you mentioned "cold bug" and I saw that picture, I imagined that's what a mean disease bug might look like! I'm with your hubby when it come to preferring the cold, but it's way more extreme up here. Searched are definately fun-seems like you learn as much doing the search as you do when you find what you wanted.