Not In My Garen: NIMG

To start off my new gardening blog I'll begin with the ever popular Not in My Garden. This was started by Kim from A study in Contrasts. My list is a little different because I'm including things I don't like in any garden. Originally it's garden things you like but just not in your garden.

1.Gnomes- Sorry I just don't think they are cute. It just looks so out of place to me. If I get little figurines they will be animal nature based just because. So travelocity I don't like your gnome even though I have used you before.

2. Veggie Gardens- Veggie gardens are beautiful but I would be devastated if bugs ate everything. I'm just not enthralled to make a veggie garden of my own and keep with the organic theme. I'm a noob gardener. The veggie world is scary to me. Maybe I'll start some carrots or herbs but not rows of every veggie out there.

3. Cactus- I like cactus as a house plant but I wouldn't want one in my garden. In Arizona I believe it was the only garden option you had. I saw many houses with cactus fences but no thank you. It looks cool but not for me. I live in Texas and I still see cactus's but never in my garden.

4. Tulips- I don't find them attractive. I'm a puffy flower person. Gardens filled with tulips look great but not great enough for me to plant them.

5. Green Gardens- Gardens with no flowers!!!! They look pretty really they do. If I was to live with that garden though I would go nuts. I need color some flowers something besides green.

6. A Rose Garden- I love rose gardens but like other roses are scary. It's alot of work and I'm not up to that. Also after falling in rose bushes when I was younger....well you get it. I'm a clutz I'll probably fall in my rose garden and need to go to the hospital.

7. Sunflowers- In general I hate sunflowers. They look like a weed to me and the flowers don't look all that great. I like to see nice big ones in others yards. My parents had HUGE ones when I was younger in Paris Texas. Just not for me.

8. Rock Gardens- Again BEAUTIFUL but I would get bored. Too much rake maintenance and pebbles going astray. Also doggie likes to put everything into her mouth and run like a cheetah. I would cry with a rock garden and a shiba inu.

9. Statues- I like nature small statues but big ones ewww. They look pretty I guess if they are a fountain. I'm just thinking of the angels and cemetery looking figures.

10. Outdoor Rooms- I would love an outdoor room. But that has to be the worst idea ever. I can't even bother to think of how dirty everything would get and full of stains and bugs. I'm sure when I get an actual garden/backyard I'll make a half attempt of an outdoor room. I'm a sucker for the benches under the fabric style. Let's just see me cry from trying to keep that fabric canopy clean.

And that is my list. Yes I hate but I love alot. It took me forever to make this list.


lisa said...

Very thorough list! I'm like that with some meme-type posts, to the point of putting it off. (Like one awhile back called "The good, the bad, and the ugly"-I have it composed in my head, but that's as far as I got)-I see your point with a lot of that...I'm pretty relaxed about dust in my screen house, but the occaisonal frog or chipmunk can be pretty disconcerting when you aren't ready! (They all worked together and made a hole in the screen.)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That's quite a list you got there.

Roses aren't difficult at all.Many people think so but it's not true. The trick is to buy the right roses, those that are disease resistant. I planted my roses last year, I feed and prune them twice a year and that is it. This year they started flowering in May and are still flowering now. So 6 months of flowers with wonderful scent as well, who can beat that? ;-)