My husband gave me a surprise this morning. He found a white evening primrose while walking the dog. So when I awoke I had a beautiful flower to look at. I'll pot it tomorrow morning and see if it'll still grow. It seems he has gotten the plant flu. He's always looking for plants to show me or tell me he likes certain kinds.



Ki said...

Those are very nice photos of the Oenothera. I like the wonderful side light from the window.

Unfortunately we had the pink and the yellow form of the evening primrose but it became too invasive so we got rid of the plants. Took several years to completely do away with them.

ginger said...

What a clear white that primrose is! Great picture. How sweet to wake up to that courtesy of your beloved!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely way to wake up and how nice that now you are both bitten by the gardening bug!