Daylily Sketch

daylily sketch

Did another sketch to practice watercolors on. I haven't painted the previous lily sketch. I'm awaiting to see if I will win some new brushes on Ebay. The ones I have just aren't cutting it. Even if I do win the bid I won't be getting them in time before I go on my vacation. I can't believe I will be leaving here on Friday for over a week. It's so scary to leave my plants behind.


Diana said...

Lovely sketch. And of course I am partial cuz I love daylilies. Thanks again for your help identifying mine - I had been stumped and my searches didn't turn up the right things, no matter what I tried. Now I can sleep tonight! Good luck with your seedlings, too. I put in some lobelia last year, but it didn't do too well here, so I will watch yours.

Curtis said...

Looks Awesome. It kind of looks silver when I look at my monitor from an angle.

Curtis from Growing Thumbs

Laura said...

Great sketch. I hope you win your ebay bid :) I love day lillies! The ones I have in my garden bring the hummingbirds. I remember sitting in the garden last summer, tending to a plant, when a hummingbird swooped down to the flower beside me. It was quite a site. I sat very still, and enjoyed the moment.

Karen said...

Your sketch looks great! *sigh I envy your talent as I have none, :)

I hate leaving my plants too! It's funny but I worry about them like they are my children, LOL

Lets Plant said...

You are very talented! Look for a way to incorporate your drawing into the garden and you will be very happy!!!