More Surprises

unknown seedling
Unknown Seedling

It seems that surprises in the garden come all around the same time. This little seedling I have no idea what it is. I have rock soapwort in these cells and this is not it. I previously had sown seeds in these same cells that did not germinate. I do not remember what it was though as the tag has been reused. I'm guess and hoping it might be the Cascade Petunias. I'll have to look back in my posts to see if I mentioned what I had sown in these cells.

candle stick plant growth
Candle Stick Plant new leaves

The Candle Stick Plant quickly got new leaves after coming home with me from school. They were tiny for a while then one day they just, bam, grew way bigger in no time. I like how the little leaves look. This plant has interesting foliage.

maiden fern
Boston and Maiden Fern

The ferns have been protected by the Hibiscus in their usual corner. I pulled them out to water them better and was surprised how nice and lush the container was. Previously when the Hibiscus was not there the ferns would easily burn and wouldn't ever get like this. I guess they just needed something to block the sun from reflecting off the wall. I'm glad they look great. Look at all the Maiden Fern babies just crowded in there. Last time I checked on the Maiden Fern there were 4 tiny babies now there are many and they are much bigger.

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