Seedlings Update

knotweed seedling
I didn't sow you Knotweed!

The mystery has been solved of the unknown seedling. I had thought it might be a petunia or a gazania since those were previously sowed in the same cells. Nope no luck with that. Instead as it got bigger it became very clear it was a Knotweed seedling. I didn't sow knotweed. I do have knotweed but have never tried to sow it. That is okay. I like the plant enough. Maybe I can sell it to someone or be lucky enough to be able to go to a plant exchange.

rock soapwort seedlings
Rock Soapwort seedlings getting bigger

Not to long ago these little ones were tiny. Now they are getting close to being transplanted. I did thin out some and tried to stick them in some empty spots. We'll see if they actual take or die. I just can't thin out and not do something with those seedlings. I waited until they were kind of big so that way they would have a fighting chance to live on. But also I find that if I thin out my seedlings when they are really small and young. The one I keep dies...always. So I usually don't thin out at all and just separate them when they are transplanted.

lobelia seedling.
Lobelia seedlings

I'm in love with the lobelia seedlings. I just love the shape of their leaves. I thinned a few of these out also and transplanted the those that were plucked out. I can't wait to see these all grown up. I'm not sure why the seedling further back has a purplish tinge to it. I didn't look like that a few days ago.

lobelia seedlings
More Lobelia seedlings

I have a few more seedlings to update on, but I'll save that for next post. I don't like to cram everything into one long post. I know my attention span when it comes to reading is zilch. By the way there has still been no call back about the internship. I am about to call right now and see what is going on. I don't like not know what is going on. I'm sure they are just busy or something...who knows.


Marie said...

Very nice post!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'll have to try the lobelia next year. I have stinging nettle in with my seedlings that I didn't plant. I found out what it was the hard way. OUCH!

Andrea said...

Lobelia has a natural purplish tinge to it, so maybe that baby is more mature than the others haha. Kind of like women are to men. Shhh! I didn't say that!