New Green Growth

desert rose new leaves
Desert Rose has new leaves

I moved the desert rose inside because I saw it lose some leaves. I though it would be best to put it on a windowsill to get it used to more intense light. Then maybe eventually move it and the basket plant/false bromeliad outside.

morning glory
Morning Glory new leaves

I had been thinking about throwing out the morning glory seedlings I started months and months ago. They had become sticks and would grow tiny leaves then lose them. I thought for sure they were just not going to grow. Now they have all gotten these nice bigger leaves on them. Maybe they will make it after all. I'll give them some more time.

morning glory
New Morning Glory with new leaf

Since the other Morning Glories weren't looking to well I sowed another seed to see if it would do better which was on 3-28-08. So far so good but the growth has slowed down a bit. It grew it's 2 true leaves then a new leaf and after that nothing.

Today is the day I have to cram in doing as much of my final as possible. I still have tons to do for my landscape design final project. So far I have the inventory and analysis page done and 3 bubble diagrams. Now I forget what I'm supposed to do next. I think now I will have to start planning out were the plants go and all that other stuff. I guess I don't have that much left to do for it but I will be doing watercolor for the final finished sheet. I have to desperately study for my Herbaceous plants class. I haven't even studied one thing at all and it's tomorrow night. I'm glad I don't have to take my math final tomorrow morning. I have to study for that too but I'll be taking it on Thursday instead. Those are all the finals I have but I just have a lot to do in a few days. I procrastinated really badly and now it's biting me in the butt. Thankfully work has greatly slowed down and they understand I have finals to do so are allowing me to chose if I want to work on tuesday or wednesday. I think I'll might skip the working since I have a feeling I will still have much to do.


rusty in miami said...

My experience with morning glory is that they will grow anywhere and they are hard to kill. Good luck with all your finals, I remember procrastinating for finals when I was in college hundred years ago, I don’t envy you.

Andrea said...

The morning glories, are they in sun or shade. I find that makes a difference, but your leaf is yellowing. Maybe too much water? (sometimes hard to tell by the picture). Over here, they're hard to grow. Im actually going to give them a whirl this year on my balcony in full blown shade and see how they do. I'll have to let you know about that. There's some really neato varieties out there. Darn it, I need to find out how to ship plants across the border.

naveed ahmad khan said...

i visit your site n i got more information then other visited last month
was good enough then last what i had gone throught

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