Gathering Seeds and Having Transplants

candytuft going to seed
Candytuft going to seed

The giant Candytufts are going to seed and slowly ending their life. I like to gather seeds from my plants. I'm curious to see if the seeds from these will make giants like the parents or if they will be the size of the other Candytufts I have.

armeria seeds
Armeria formosa seeds

My armeria has gone to seed. There are other blooms but they are so tiny compared the ones before. I'm going to try my luck on sowing some and seeing if they sprout. If so I want to try Armeria again since I did something wrong with my other one. I think I watered it too much or I waited to long to water and it was severely damaged. I did sow some seeds I think last week but nothing has germinated. It's been hard finding information on germinating the seeds. I keep reading that you should soak them...but look what they are. I'm really confused. If anyone out there knows about germinating Armeria formosa seeds do inform me.

Now it's transplant time:
The major transplant

In this container is the Hare'sTail Grass (the 2 in the middle), the nemesia mello red and white (the two in the back corners, and laurentia axillaris (the two in the front corners). This is right after I did the transplanting. I was scared that the Hare's Tails Grass would not make it since it has seriously what looked like no roots at all. Today just about a week after transplanting everything is doing great. I am super surprised. Everything is really starting to take off. The Hare's Tail has grown a bit and straightened it's self. The Nemesia has grown. Now I am really surprised about the Nemesia because in the cells it had what looked like some leaf burn. It's been in more sun then it was in the cells and there is no leaf burn. It actually looks way happier. The Laurentia is growing fast now and I'm happy it looks so cute.

Statice in it's new home for now

The statice seedling are in their new home. I made a mistake and did not put them in the larger pot I had bought for them in the first place. That is okay though for when they grow bigger they will go in there. Unless I use the pot for something else in the mean time. There hasn't really been any signs of grown from them in the week following the tranplant. I'm sure they are just taking a break. There are still 2 seedlings in the cell. One of them I don't think will make it because it's just so puney looking. I won't give up hopes on it.

Parsley in it's new home

These were the last 2 parsley in the cells. They have this little home. The don't seem to be showing they like it. I'm sure they will eventually like it there.

ivy transplant
The ivy in it's new home

Finally the ivy has a new home. I got this little piece of ivy from when I volunteered at the Botanical Gardens last year around November. Since then it's been in a 4" peat pot. I just keep on not having pots to transplant it in. Other things were always more important then it. i just didn't want ivy on it's own. I thought, well the weeping dwarf wannabe bonsai crape myrtle could use some nice trailing accent to it. So plop in the corner you go. I have thought about adding the sedum in there too..which is why i bought the sedum to begin with. But I don't want to crowd the roots of the tree to much. I think the sedum won't choke it out right. I mean if must have shallow roots being a succulent or am I wrong. I'm hoping the ivy won't hurt it but he ivy has been so slow of a grower.

That's it for the transplants. I do have more seeds I gathered but not from plants that I have. I got them from work when just working. I notice they had gone to seed and couldn't pass up grabbing some .I got a few Gerbera Daisy seeds and took a seed head of Scabiosa. I haven't tried to sow either of them but I got found two 4" pots that I forgot I had. I think I might wait until after I come back from my vacation.

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Brenda Kula said...

You must have better luck with seeds than I do. Only a few of mine have come up this year, and I ordered so many! I've come to the conclusion that it's probably cheaper in the long run for me just to get a start of something I like.