Spanish Flag Watercolor

spanish flag watercolor
Spanish Flag Vine Watercolor

I'm actually really embarassed to be putting this up. My watercolor painting skills are very rusty. It's the one painting medium I have a hard time with. I took a watercolor class in highschool but the teacher was hooked on painting snow scenes. All I know how to do is paint snow scenes. I'm planning to purchase some botanical painting books.

My scanner stinks so the backwash didn't come out looking good and the colors are a tad off. But I'll stop making excuses. I'm not looking for pity or compliments. I just wanted to be brave and it's part of something I am trying to start. I'm trying to get myself to paint a little botanical watercolor to get my skills up. I'm in need of new brushes and I have a set of pan watercolors coming tomorrow for me to try. I'm not sure why I have such an issue with watercolors. I used to do painting in ink and didn't have a problem. I guess I am just really rusty.


Lee17 said...

Watercolor is not easy! It is one of the more difficult painting mediums to learn (I have a few artist friends who told me that anyway). I think you are being too hard on yourself. Just keep practicing and you will steadily improve - you could even post your paintings as you go along and when you look back you will have a log of how you progressed ;)

Jane Marie said...

Never point out your flaws. That's what my quilting teacher told me. I don't know anything about watercolors, and I think it's beautiful. If only I could do half so well.

Andrea said...

Oh you just sound like every artist in the world. lol. I do EXACTLY the same thing when I do a painting. I critize until im blue in the face. And hands down, watercolours are very hard to muster. I'm very impressed that you do it and about plants too! I never ever thought to turn the two interests into each other andpost it. Yet again, another great idea from you. p.s. I'll be like everyone else and tell you to stop critizing. Looks good :D

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I think the true artist explores what they are not comfortable with. I think it is a nice painting and if any consolation light years ahead of what I could do.

:lol: on the knotweed of the previous post.

Marie said...

Amazing photos!

Anna said...

I think it shows a talent for it. keep it up and you'll be good at it. I like it a lot. I love the drawing you did above of the Lily too. And my goodness girl---your balcony is really coming alive with color!!! I've never such beautiful blooms. Your place is looking wonderful.