New Surprises

New Bougainvillea I got for free!

I'm running late of my blog posts.I have meant to post this around 3 days ago. It's hard for me to post what happened on a particular day so I do it at night for the next day. Sometimes too many things happen and I don't want to smash them all in one post. Plus I like to be able to have things to post about so I try to spread things out. Anyways, work on Monday I got a free Bougainvillea hanging basket. My manager was going to take them home until they start to bloom again since the blooms got blown away from the crazy wind we had sunday. We had got a new shipment in that day and he asked if I wanted one. Of course I couldn't say no even though I already have a Bougainvillea.

african moon
Dimorphotheca aurantica 'African Moon'

It has bloomed! My patience has prevailed. I wanted to see this bloom so badly and it's beautiful. I didn't realize that the apricot on it would be so vibrant. The Dimorphotheca has 2 other buds getting ready also. It's so beautiful I just love it.

Caladium Sprouts

I was fearful that my Caladium was not going to sprout. Seeds are relatively easy for me to grow but bulbs I always seem to make them rot. I had thought I had made this one rot too but it made it. The time frame is 3-5 weeks I think for a Caladium bulb to sprout. It was just about 4 weeks take away 2 days that mine sprouted. I'm concerned because I had purchased these from one of those open bulb boxes. I'm thinking I got one that was not what I picked out. My choice was a caladium that had white leaves with green edging and maybe veins. I was thinking maybe White Wing or Aaron. So far the leaves are just green. Hopefully when it grows more the true colors will show.

hillier elm bud
hillier elm growth
New Growth on my Jacqueline Hillier Elm

My bonsai is alive. Just when I was about to toss it out too. I had looked at the roots last week and thought it was dead. Soon afterwards some leaves popped out by the base and a bud was about to open. I pinched off the bottom leaves as much as I hated to. It just don't look good bonsai or not. I love the little leaves of this tree so I'm glad it survived.

snake plant baby
Snake Plant baby

The Snake Plant has a new baby! This is the second baby for this plant that has popped up. The first baby is large now and the size of the others that were already grown. Maybe I'll have a nice big Snake Plant sooner then I expected.

daylily scape
Daylily scape

Thankfully I will have some daylily blooms. I had been hoping some of them would bloom. When I purchased them I bought so many and crammed most of them in one big pot. I had read that when they are too close together they won't bloom. I was scared but I have about 3 scapes coming up from different daylilies. This one in the photo is Painters Palette Dayliy. It will be apricot with a gold throat.

Dracaena marginata 'Tricolor' has new growth

Lastly for now this great surprise. This is yet again another plant that I was waiting for it to grow back. It hadn't shown any life so I had just said I will rip it out. Then when I go to take it out bam there is new growth and it is clearly alive. It's hard to see in the photo past the devil's backbone but there are 2 little dracaena growth on each side of the base.

I do have a few more surprise but I'll save them for next time. Anyone else out there have any surprises from their garden lately?


Nancy J. Bond said...

Things are certainly taking off in your garden plot. :)

Karen said...

Of course you can't say no to free plants! lol All looks great!

Brenda Kula said...

Just when I think a bush has seen it's last green bit of life, here it comes back. It seems like overnight it springs back anew and the day before I'd sworn it was dead. Isn't nature amazing?

Wicked Gardener said...

I love it when a plant that I thought died comes back. Such a great surprise.

garden girl said...

Beautiful bouganvilla! I've been lusting after one at work, but have resisted (so far!) They remind me of vacations my husband I have taken in tropical places.

Andrea said...

I am such a big fan of Bougainvillea! There's a nice weird and white variety that's called Alice. I havnt' seen it in awhile and I've been trying to get my hands on it for some time after killing my own (I can't keep much alive at home because I take care of thousands of plants at work!). nice picture and for free too!